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Directions Newsletter - Hurricane Harvey Disaster Response

For employers with locations in Texas or Louisiana that are affected by Hurricane Harvey, and also employers with employees who have family in the affected areas, there are benefit issues to consider in response to the ongoing disaster. In reacting to the disaster, the Department of Labor emphasizes that a good guiding principle for plan sponsors is that they should act reasonably, prudently and in the interest of the workers and their families who rely on their benefits for their physical and economic well-being. Read this special edition of the Directions Newsletter for details and guidance for employers to consider regarding employee benefits in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

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PEP Talk: Public Entities Should Choose Their Insurance Broker First

Today’s challenging and unpredictable economic conditions are forcing local governments to scrutinize the price they pay for all products and services, as well as, to evaluate their professional relationships like never before. The costs and relationships associated with property and casualty insurance, claims, third party administrator services, workers compensation and risk management services are no exception.

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Gallagher Flood Assure

In the wake of recent hurricanes, many organizations face the risk of reaching aggregated flood limits. And it often takes up to a year or more to accurately assess the financial impact.

Avoid the Growing Minefield

Learn the rules that apply to you and that will also address this increasing drug problem. Learn about appropriate test methods and the key benefits of oral fluid testing that will help you manage your program.

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After the Rain: Disaster Recovery and Employee Safety Following Hurricane Harvey

The ongoing devastation from Hurricane Harvey, flooding in Houston, and ongoing rain in Texas and Louisiana are indicative how merciless and unpredictable Mother Nature can be. Climate scientists have warned higher sea levels and water temperatures in coming years, which are predicted to lead to more hurricanes and coastal flooding in the future. For employers, who are obligated to keep their employees safe during working hours, disaster preparedness is critical.

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Flood Preparedness Checklist

Floods are one of the most common and widespread of all disasters, and continue to grow in frequency and severity. Even if your business is above sea-level, it is important to remember that where it rains, it can flood. Businesses are more likely to flood than burn down, so it is essential to prepare now so you are ready if your business is flooded. View our Flood Preparation Checklist to help keep your business operations active even if the worst happens.

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Hurricane Preparedness Checklists

Hurricanes and tropical storms can lead to loss of life and devastation to property. Flash flooding from rainfall, storm surges and high winds are the major hazards that result from tropical cyclones. The consequences of this weather ranges from toppled trees to damage to buildings and equipment to bodily injury and even death of people in the storm’s path. This checklist provides a good start towards preparing and better protecting your business and your employees.

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