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FMLA Targeted Compliance: Health Benefits During FMLA Leave

During any Family and Medical Act Leave (FMLA) leave, you must maintain an employee’s coverage under any group health plan on the same basis as coverage would have been provided if the employee had been actively at work. An employee’s entitlement to benefits other than group health benefits during FMLA leave (e.g., holiday pay) is determined by your established policy for providing those benefits when the employee is on other forms of leave (paid or unpaid, as appropriate). To facilitate continuation of group health benefits, consider our action items:

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FMLA Targeted Compliance: Scheduling and Taking Leave

In many instances, employees request Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave in blocks of time covering days or weeks, but FMLA leave may also be taken “intermittently” or on a “reduced leave schedule.” Intermittent leave is FMLA leave taken in separate blocks of time for a single illness or injury. FMLA leave based upon a reduced leave schedule reduces an employee’s usual number of working hours per workweek, or hours per workday. Regardless of the increment in which leave is taken, it is important for employers and employees to understand how FMLA leave may be scheduled. To facilitate scheduling and taking FMLA leave, consider our targeted action items:

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FMLA Targeted Compliance: Certification Process

In certain circumstances, you may require that an employee submit a medical certification to support the employee’s need for Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave. The certification will allow you to obtain information related to the FMLA leave request, including the likely periods of absences, and verify that an employee, or the employee’s family member, has a serious health condition. The certification must be completed by the employee and, as appropriate, by a healthcare provider. To facilitate the certification process, consider our targeted action items:

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Hard Hat Bulletin - Paying Attention

Have you ever spent time with someone who was so absentminded or distracted that you wondered how they got through life every day? On the other hand, have you ever known someone who was so observant and attentive that they made you feel a little self-conscious? We all have been on both sides of this equation.

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Healthcare News: April 19, 2017

In this issue, fraud and abuse enforcement in 2016; where to work if you are a physician; will 403(b) plans follow the litigation experience of 401(k) plans; the cost of preventable errors measured against Leapfrog ratings; and ransomware as a service.

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School Talk: Internships under FLSA

Recent court rulings on the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and advice from the Department of Labor (DOL), in response to a request from the American Bar Association (ABA), have a%ected the way that internships are managed by our company — and they may apply to your school, as well.

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