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Protect Yourself With Non-Owned Insurance

If you borrow or rent airplanes, you need non-owned aircraft insurance — also known as renter’s or borrower’s insurance. This coverage should be as crucial to your personal pre-departure checklist as a valid medical certificate and flight review.

Near the Finish Line With Your Van's Aircraft

Many Van’s builders are caught off guard by the often stringent training requirements and cost of insurance for the first year of flying coverage. A higher potential for loss drives insurance companies’ strict requirements, but with knowledge and planning you can meet their conditions. We’d like to offer some pre-completion advice to those of you still in the build phase. Van’s Aircraft are proven aircraft with eight insurance companies vying for your business. However, out of those eight, only four offer coverage during the fly-off period without coverage restrictions. The fly-off period generally comprises the first 40 hours the aircraft will be flying after you complete it. The fly-off hours required can occasionally be lower depending on the propeller and engine — an RV-12, for example, only requires five hours.

Healthcare News: August 17, 2016

This issue touches on conflict of interest, 403(b) fiduciary duties, workplace violence and plenty of news on privacy: patching software to prevent ransomware attacks, the largest breach of the year, the largest ever OCR HIPAA settlement, and criminal prosecution.

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