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Advisor - Website Accessibility Lawsuits Mount

Without a doubt, online access to consumers, clients and the public is a crucial goal of modern business. Retailers, healthcare providers, travel companies, financial institutions and professionals of all stripes value their internet presence. While online retail is only a small fraction of total retail,1 the total impact of internet access is enormous.

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PEP Talk - Ownership of Risk

Lack of accountability is one of the challenges that can limit your ability to develop risk ownership within your culture. However, there is a simple and practical solution to reduce your total cost of risk and it is easily understood and doesn’t require any checklists or risk registers.

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Transportation Safety Topics: Don’t Let the Holidays Become Horrible Days

The days from late November until New Year’s Day are traditionally time for families, celebrations, and fellowship. Many will be travelling during these times. For those of us in transportation, it is sometimes our busiest time of year. With so much going on in our business and personal lives, it is important to remember all that you have done to get yourself safely through the year.

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