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The Yates Memorandum and Government Enforcement Against Individuals

In September 2015, Sally Quillian Yates, a United States Deputy Attorney General, issued a seven-page memorandum entitled “Individual Accountability for Corporate Wrongdoing,” which has attracted an enormous amount of attention. The so-called “Yates Memo” sets out six points which Yates says demonstrate the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) attitude in prosecuting individual malefactors. This memo, which applies to both criminal and civil actions brought by the DOJ, states that it is the department’s intention to assure that the individuals responsible for misdeeds are targeted from the beginning of every investigation.

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Integrity Testing - How to Hire the Right People

You will not want to miss this encore webinar about the value of Pre-employment Integrity Testing. This webinar will talk about the value of integrity testing and you will also learn how Mark Walker and the Merchants Information integrity testing helped Frank Russo, the Senior Vice President of Risk and Legal Affairs, cut costs for Silverado Senior Living. Integrity testing applies to all industries.

Engage Employees in Their Healthcare Choices and Save Money

Rick Strater discusses the potential for a defined contribution and private exchange strategy to manage benefit costs, and offer employees an opportunity to control their own future – through greater choice.

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Proactively Managing Healthcare Costs Through Innovative Plan Design

Mark Rosenberg, Kevin Cipoletti and Adam Wolff discuss health plan risk management tactics as alternatives to cost shifting – including healthcare access levers, pharmacy spend, self-funding, medical stop-loss captives and reference-based pricing.

Tag(s): Health & Welfare; Healthcare; Healthcare Analytics; Human Resources & Compensation; Exchanges; Executive Benefits; Multinational Benefits & HR Consulting; Institutional Investment & Fiduciary Services; Retirement Plan; Voluntary Benefits; Energy; Hospitality; Higher Education; Public Sector; Restaurants; Religious; Nonprofit; Equity Advisors;

Compensation and Benefits – the Risk of Maintaining the Status Quo

Kent Lonsdale and Joe Milano share insights on why a structured compensation and benefits plan – flexibly aligned with employees’ needs and designed for sustainability – is required to compete for the best talent, manage risk and ensure industry relevance.

Tag(s): Health & Welfare; Healthcare; Healthcare Analytics; Exchanges; Executive Benefits; Human Resources & Compensation; Multinational Benefits & HR Consulting; Retirement Plan; Voluntary Benefits; Institutional Investment & Fiduciary Services; Energy; Public Sector; Higher Education; Hospitality; Nonprofit; Religious; Restaurants; Equity Advisors;