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HR Tech Trends That Deliver Bottom-Line Impact

Rhonda Marcucci presents three tightly correlated HR and Benefits technology trends – including plug and play integration, a personalized user experience, and customized interaction that supports increased accountability and productivity.

Tag(s): Health & Welfare; Exchanges; Executive Benefits; Healthcare Analytics; Human Resources & Compensation; Institutional Investment & Fiduciary Services; Multinational Benefits & HR Consulting; Retirement Plan; Voluntary Benefits; Energy; Equity Advisors; Healthcare; Higher Education; Hospitality; Nonprofit; Public Sector; Religious; Restaurants; Human Resources & Benefits Technology;

School Talk - Sleep Apnea

According to a recent study, individuals with sleep apnea (a nighttime breathing disorder that disrupts sleep) are at twice the risk of being in a serious vehicle crash than people without the condition. The study looked at two groups; 800 people with sleep apnea and 800 participants without the condition. During the study period, 800 sleep apnea participants were involved in 250 crashes while the group without the condition were involved in only 123 crashes.