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Second Opinion - What’s Missing in Your Workers Compensation Program?

Every year during budget planning and insurance renewal season, hospital executives grapple with increasing workers compensation costs. Directors and managers are asked to do what they can to lower expenses. Staff members listen as the hospital’s Safety Officer or Occupational Health Nurse explains the costs of injuries and maybe even shares the organization’s workers compensation loss experience.

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A Minute for Safety: Forklift Battery Use and Maintenance

Every time you operate a forklift or other powered industrial truck, inspect it to ensure that it is operating properly. Ongoing battery maintenance is critical so that the forklift is always safe and ready to get your work done. First and foremost, the forklift must be checked for enough battery charge to get the job task done.

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Un Minuto para la Seguridad - Uso y Mantenimiento de Baterías de Montacargas

Cada vez que opere un montacargas u otro vehículo industrial motorizado, inspecciónelo para verificar que esté funcionando correctamente. El mantenimiento continuo de las baterías es esencial para que los montacargas funcionen con seguridad en todo momento y estén listos para realizar su trabajo. En primer lugar, se debe inspeccionar el montacargas para verificar que la batería tenga suficiente carga para realizar la tarea.

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Healthcare News: September 8, 2016

This issue concentrates on activities in the Senior Care segment - as this area of healthcare continues to expand, we will continue to see more scrutiny and visibility by regulators, legislators, and investors. The segment continues to grow and evolve to meet the needs of the population. Additionally, penalties under the False Claims Act are set to double, and OCR continues to expand the scope of its breach investigations while Advocate Health Systems is settling HIPAA noncompliance allegations for $5.55 M, a new record.

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