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Solving the emergency fund crisis: Actions your organization can take now to ensure the financial wellbeing of your workforce

As the U.S. workforce becomes increasingly more financially stressed, do you know how your employees are managing the financial hardships that life inevitably brings? As a company leader, what could you be doing to help employees improve every aspect of their financial wellbeing, including building up their emergency funds?

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The good news and not-so-good news about APIs

Integration is a big deal in the HR technology industry because the concept of a single platform that supports all HR functions is highly appealing to employers. Previously, service providers developed new components for their core product to deliver an all-in-one-solution, but the add-ons were seldom as good as the core product. The result was an upsurge of point solutions, which could be integrated (to varying degrees of success) with an existing platform. Thanks to APIs, point solution integration has greatly improved.

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Independent Fiduciaries and ERISA

The role of the independent fiduciary has evolved greatly over the last several years. The combination of Madoff-type scandals and the perpetration of other fraud involving pension plans, resulted in increased investment regulation. As a result, independent fiduciaries are being utilized more frequently to mitigate legal risk. How can independent fiduciaries help plan fiduciaries?

Opioids in the Workplace "From Prevention to Protection"

Opioids provide value in pain management associated with a variety of conditions, but it comes with the trade-off of a high abuse and addiction potential. Prescription opioid drug misuse and abuse has been recently declared a national epidemic and state of emergency. Both federal and state agencies are devoting resources and issuing updated guidance to address this widespread problem.

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Daily Pay Technology: Tools to support employee financial wellness

Employee financial wellbeing continues to be a topic of great interest as employers seek tools to address absenteeism and low productivity associated financial stress. Among the innovations in HR technology are tools that support financial wellbeing by allowing employees to draw from their earnings off-cycle from the traditional weekly or biweekly paycheck.

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