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Student Loan Benefits

For many employees, student loan debt is dictating both how they spend and how they save. As a consequence, some workers prioritize paying off student loans over contributing to a 401(k) or other retirement plan.

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Fingerprinting Pathogens and the Impact on Contamination Risk

In light of numerous foodborne illness outbreaks, government regulators are taking every measure possible and utilizing every technology at their disposal to prevent and respond to product contamination exposures in food facilities. New technologies allow regulators (and others) to quickly detect and trace harmful pathogens “hiding” in food facilities, raw materials or finished products.

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Reconciling Diversity & Inclusion Goals with Pay Equity Concerns in Higher Education

Attracting a diverse student body is critical to maintaining and growing student enrollment. As a result, diversity and inclusion initiatives have become a strategic priority across the Higher Education industry, not only in terms of its importance to student recruitment efforts, but also for the impact it can have on recruitment, retention and engagement of faculty and staff.

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Safe Handling of Grain

Shipping, receiving and storing grain is a highly volatile process that carries with it a wide variety of hazards and associated risks that can result in damage to property and physical injury to individuals. Taking preventive measures to avoid potential hazards, including grain dust explosions, fire, employee engulfment and asphyxiation, are imperative for every business operation in the industry.

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A Cost-Effective Plan for Managing Violence in the Healthcare Setting

Unfortunately, scenes of violence marked by individuals acting out in dramatic fashion have become a fixture of the daily news cycle, too often taking place in a hospital, medical office building or other care centers. Clinicians and healthcare executives carry the responsibility of initiating actions to minimize and mitigate the risk of these events at their facilities.

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