Is your business prepared should a disaster strike?

Quickly identifying critical business functions and any impact on them is essential to your organization’s survival during a disaster and in resuming business operations as quickly as possible. That is why we’ve leveraged the expertise of our specialists to develop a variety of materials that you can reference prior to, during and after a crisis situation. To further supplement these resources, we’ve partnered with Agility Recovery Services on some easy-to-implement, disaster-related checklists as well as recurring emergency planning webinars.

Below are complimentary materials to assist your organization in preparing for a crisis and to respond in an efficient manner. The topics covered include information on everything from natural and man-made disasters to emergency safety planning and business continuity efforts. Many of these plans and tactics could also be used to evaluate your disaster preparedness plans at home.

The devastation and magnitude of natural catastrophes―from hurricanes or other types of severe storms - is almost unimaginable. While most of these situations cannot be prevented, preparation and recovery plans are critical to managing through it all and understanding where to find resources available to assist you. This toolkit features materials to help you in your planning or recovery process. 

Floods, fires, earthquakes and more strike randomly and without warning. This usually results in significant property and community damage, business interruption and even critical injuries or death. Be prepared. This natural disaster toolkit offers you resources to help create your emergency plan or assist you during or after an event.

Disasters not only affect your community and your family, it can affect your business as well. You may believe you're prepared if disaster strikes, but these emergency planning and recovery materials may help you in the process for establishing or enhancing your safety program. This toolkit includes resources that apply to many disaster-related situations - and assist you through those events as well. 

Winter storms can create devastating damage in your community - and produce severe health issues for individuals due to exposure to the elements. And your business is at risk for even more unique challenges. Snow can completely destroy a building, damage power lines or - if melting - can cause flooding. Are you prepared?


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