Steady and thoughtful insight guide your organization through a period of uncertainty.

The Benefits and Human Resources Consulting team of Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. brings focus to the process and can help you develop a clear plan for your benefits and total rewards strategy. 

Complying with healthcare reform regulations presents a daunting challenge to understanding the myriad of potential impacts on you and your employees. 

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.’s Benefits & Human Resources Consulting team approach and market-leading compliance resources help you navigate the healthcare reform labyrinth. As your guide and advisor, we will work with you to understand the strategic, financial and operational impacts of healthcare reform today and in the future.

Design Your Organization’s Response to Healthcare Reform

Evaluating the impact of healthcare reform is more than measuring costs and complying with new laws. Even for the most sophisticated organization, designing the right strategy is extremely challenging because of the complex maze of mandates, penalties, taxes and other compliance requirements.

Gallagher partners with you to ensure everyone clearly understands your organization’s strategy and goals and how legislation impacts them, while we work to identify key requirements and potential cost implications. The product of this consultative approach, combined with unparalleled Gallagher compliance resources and the use of proprietary tools, is your custom roadmap that we will implement together.

Decision-Support Tools for Strategic Planning in this Era of Healthcare Reform

HCR Planner is an interactive tool for creating a concrete action plan that helps you stay updated on rapidly evolving healthcare reform rules. This tool provides the framework to identify provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“PPACA”) that will apply specifically to your organization, document any gaps between your organization’s current benefits offering and the law's requirements, and determine next steps in responding to the most up-to-date aspects of the law. Click here to view the HCR Planner video.

Health Rating Model (HRM) is one of the most sophisticated rating engines available to help your organization understand the financial impact of federally mandated health plan changes on your existing plans.

Workforce Evaluation is a simple yet powerful proprietary tool that provides a unique perspective on the alignment between your benefits and total rewards program and your current and future workforce. This analysis can be extremely valuable in setting strategy and designing an effective program.