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Transportation Safety Topics - School is in Session

Those big yellow and black buses are rolling and the kids are running to, from and around them. They aren’t thinking about safety so all drivers, especially the professional drivers, have an additional challenge. Don’t let your guard down around schools or school buses. Be a careful driver and help these kids grow up safe and happy!

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School Talk - Don’t Bother Me. I’m Embezzling.

The treasurer of the high school band booster club withdrew funds to pay for personal vacations. An accounts payable clerk has been siphoning off funds. The school janitor is using work supplies to clean houses on the side, and pocket the income. These people are all embezzlers.

Seller Beware: Food Safety Enforcement & the New Administration

In the informative first session of this series, you’ll gain important insight on recent enforcement and investigatory trends, while hearing about concrete steps you can take now to avoid unnecessary potential civil, criminal, and financial exposure in the future. This webinar will feature James Lozier of Dickinson Wright and Steve Kluting of Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

Gallagher Monthly Minute: Charity Care: Medical Professionals and Volunteer Liability

As a medical professional, you may have volunteered your professional skills at a community “free clinic,” athletic setting, civic event or for a charitable organization. While it is a noble deed to offer your time and talent, there are valid concerns about liability. These concerns do not need to be an obstacle to volunteering if you do your research and implement common sense risk management.

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