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Transportation Safety Topics: Deadly Distractions

While multitasking is encouraged in some situations, driving isn’t one of them. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released the results of a study done by the Virginia Polytechnic Transportation Institute, and they graphically show that drivers driving while distracted are a real and present danger to themselves and everyone else on the road near them.

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PEP Talk: Asbestos Management Program

The federal government declared a moratorium on asbestos production in the early 1970s. In response to this, OSHA requires a competent person be designated for all worksites that may involve contact with existing asbestos containing building materials. This position is critical for any maintenance activities on buildings constructed before the late 1980s.

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Market Conditions 2017 - FI Broker-Dealer

Consolidation of independent broker-dealer firms and preparation for the “Fiduciary Rule” are two pressing issues impacting the retail investment industry. Last year, the retail investment industry experienced major change.

Market Conditions 2017 - Financial Institution Bond

Financial Institution Bond insurance renewal premiums fell within a “stable” range (+/- a few percentage points) in 2016. Internal distractions within three of our top-ten financial fidelity insurers (Ace/Chubb merger, AIG’s fidelity restructuring and Zurich’s diversified financial restructuring) diminished the level of competition in 2016, and we expect this lackluster competition to continue into 2017.

Market Conditions 2017 - Real Estate

As 2017 begins, the global environment for ‘change’ seems to be everywhere on a geo-political basis, the likes of which we have not witnessed in quite some time. With this uncertainty, hard assets tend to be viewed as a safe haven and certainly the real estate market has benefitted from the current environment.

Market Conditions 2017 – Asset Manager Management & Professional Liability

While the future regulatory landscape under the new administration is still uncertain, the outlook in the insurance marketplace for asset manager management and professional liability insurance remains predictable. 2017 appears to be another year of favorable purchasing for asset manager insurance, on the heels of two plus years of soft market conditions.

The Double Helix: Winter 2017

Welcome to the winter edition of The Double Helix. Inside this issue you can find articles on the following: Medical Device Consolidation, FDA Regulations, 3D Printing and the Life Sciences Market and Clinical Trials Overseas.

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Risk Management: Why it's vital to your ministry

Think of risk management as a prudent, informed enabling of the ministry that is the lifeblood of our building Christ’s kingdom on earth. Risk management is “vital”. In fact, the word vital derives from the Latin Vitalis, which pertains to life or life-giving. Protecting our people, our assets and our reputation is indeed life-giving, and it is a manifestation of stewardship in the 21st century.