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Field to Fork Summer 2016

This communication authored by various members of the Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. Food & Agribusiness Practice will be distributed on a quarterly basis. It is designed to be a tool for sharing industry information, new regulations, Gallagher Food & Agribusiness products and much more.

Contamination Risks: What to Do?

Do you think that food contamination and product recall issues are just for trendy fast food restaurants and meat packers? Think again – companies across the food supply chain must consider protecting themselves against potential financial disaster with product contamination and recall insurance coverage. Be it accidental contamination, malicious product tampering, or mislabeling errors, a food safety incident and resulting recall can be a company’s biggest exposure, damaging to its brand and reputation.

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Eliminating Increased Exposure Available under the Jones Act

While working to clear out a pumped-out riverbed for a construction project, a Gallagher client reported three separate injuries to employees. All three claims were reported directly by the insured to their USL&H workers compensation carrier. The claims were handled as workers compensation claims until the carrier questioned each individual’s status and determined that the claims should be handled as Jones Act seaman claims.

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Transportation Safety Topics - Same Old Seasonal Hazards

This time of year brings thoughts of flowers blooming, birds singing and no more snow, ice, sleet and cold temperatures to face, so let’s sit back, relax and enjoy the drive. NO! NO! NO! As road conditions improve and temperatures warm up, life seems better on the road. However, professional drivers understand that you only trade one set of hazards for another.

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Healthcare News: June 6, 2016

This issue supports ASHRM’s HRM Week, has analysis on medical device cybersecurity risk and insurance response, and looks at trends in nontraditional hospital partnerships, and a publicly-disclosed settlement of ERISA exemption church plan litigation.

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Advisor - Ransomware

In the first quarter of 2016, we saw a large increase in ransomware attacks across the United States. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, victims of ransomware paid $209 million in ransom in the first three months of this year alone—more than 10 times the amount paid in all of 2015.

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Synthetic Biology: The Future is Now

Biotechnology and specifically Synthetic Biology (SynBio) is evolving at lightning speed. SynBio makes it possible to engineer life from the ground up (allowing the formation of organisms with genetic code (DNA) not found in the natural world) and to re-design existing natural bio systems for life-changing purposes. The opportunities are limitless and so are the risks.

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