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Are Quarter Barges Considered Vessels under Maritime Law?

Maritime law had long been steeped in precedent. However, recent rulings by the United States Supreme Court, and subsequently, lower courts, relating to the status of a quarter barge (many times used to house workers) as a vessel or other structure have flip-flopped over the past 20 years. This topic has continued to gain the interest of the marine industry - particularly as the court decisions continue to change. What qualifies as a vessel? This whitepaper addresses key considerations if you are evaluating a similar situation.

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Gallagher Higher Education Think Tank Studies - Bringing Great Minds Together to Help Reduce Campus Risk

Gallagher Higher Education Think Tank studies are published annually and include perspectives from leaders at colleges and universities throughout the U.S. on a common topic. These individuals gather to brainstorm on topics that affects almost all higher education institutions. View the comprehensive list of all Gallagher Think Tank studies to date.

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Higher Education: Top 10 Steps to Comply with Title IX

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights, (“OCR”), issued new guidance in 2011 and follow-up guidance in April 2014 which details a college’s responsibility to respond promptly and effectively to alleged acts of sexual violence against students in accordance with the requirements of Title IX. The compliance obligations are extensive and have caught many colleges and universities off-guard. These mandates are unfunded. To help institutions get started and think through how they will fulfill these requirements, this Gallagher Higher Education whitepaper offers 10 steps that should be part of any Title IX compliance program.

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Real Estate & Hospitality Market Update: Summer 2014

We are halfway through the 2014 hurricane season, have had eleven “named storms”, and the biggest threat thus far was focused on the Hawaiian Islands. If we keep up this pattern through November 1st, the catastrophe market will continue to soften for the balance of the year. Reinsurance rates continue to plunge, and this can only translate into better pricing and more capacity for the real estate and hospitality industry. Our report provides an overview of related topics including professional liability, cyber risk, TRIPRA, London real estate markets, workers compensation and more.

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Understanding the Evolving Landscape of Drone Technology & Regulations

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, or drones) has increased dramatically in recent years. Drones — small, unmanned aircraft that are operated remotely — are in the news daily. The strong marketing of the devices to the public - combined with decreasing costs - has helped proliferate these devices, yet the regulation of them remains lenient. Learn more about the ABCs of drone technology.

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School Talk: Preventing Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure

Every day, students and school staff may potentially be exposed to blood or other potentially infectious materials (OPIM) transferred from injuries sustained by others. Examples of OPIMs include saliva, urine and secretions from a person’s mucus membranes (such as when they sneeze or cough). Most of us assume blood or OPIM exposure injuries occur during student athletic or recreational activities, but don't overlook injuries sustained from physical education classes and even recess. Following are some protocols that can assist you in creating a bloodborne pathogens safety training program.

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