How to Combat Adverse Medical Opinions in Workers Compensation

What to Do After the Fire

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Too often the Independent Medical Exam (IME) process does not fairly represent the employer in the claim arena. A simple IME or simple medical review process does not get the job done. It is important to find a physician consultant who understands the legal dilemma and is able to give employers more control over their claims’ destiny in spite of seemingly overwhelming odds.

A physician consultant is familiar with the way doctors think and knows when they are being less than honest or do not have adequate or truthful information. The physician consultant can then craft much more pointed questions, with a medical, instead of legal, emphasis and flow. This puts the doctor being deposed at a disadvantage as he/she will not be prepared for this type of questioning. 

Essentially, it is about protecting employer interests in the claims process and ensuring that you are paying only for what you are legally responsible. This is accomplished by:

  • Exposing fraud
  • Doctor flipping
  • Medical deposition preparation