PEP Talk: Golf Cart Safety

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Aside from the recreational value, many people aren't aware of golf cart risks both on and off a golf course. Golf carts are involved in a number of accidents each year, resulting in personal injury, death, and property damage. Interestingly enough, golf carts are also used to travel around communities and are being used in the workplace as well. To help prevent accidents in any of these various environments, there are many precautions and recommendations that can be employed to help reduce or mitigate your risk exposure - particularly with operating and maintaining golf carts. So what do you need to know about driving golf carts? 

In the workplace, you should ensure all employees who operate electric or gasoline-powered golf carts must receive safety training before using the vehicles. This training should include the proper procedures for operating and maintaining golf carts. Employees driving around in golf carts are not an unusual sight in today’s workplace since the vehicles might be used to move people or deliver mail, interoffice supplies, and even tools and equipment. 

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