Risk Management Safety Insight: 4 Steps for Successful Career Coaching

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Career development is a personal responsibility, but really good supervisors understand that they can help by being a career coach to their employees. Here are four keys to being an effective career coach.

  1. Help the employee identify career goals. Career success requires both ability and motivation. Help the employee identify strengths and interests as the starting point to defining career goals. It is not the role of a career coach to judge the appropriateness of the employee’s career goals, but it is appropriate to help the employee explore the consequences of moving along a particular career path relative to strengths and interests.

  2. Help the employee identify developmental needs. Once a career goal has been identified, help the person assess the requirements for success and determine the requisite knowledge, skills, experience, etc. Help the person honestly evaluate their current level of readiness and what must be done to move forward and to achieve their career goals.