Risk Management Safety Insight: What to Expect of OSHA 2015 & Beyond

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The New Year has begun along with yet another year of enhanced OSHA enforcement and new OSHA regulations. Additionally, following the shift of political power as a result of the recent mid-term elections, questions persist as to whether OSHA will continue with its aggressive agenda of enhanced enforcement with increased citations and greater penalties, or whether OSHA will respond to political pressure from Congress. In either case, the New Year will bring levels of uncertainty with the agency that we have not seen since President Obama took office in 2009.

This article addresses OSHA’s current and upcoming enforcement initiatives and trends, and OSHA’s new recordkeeping obligations and the implications based on the same, all of which will affect employers in the coming year including:

  • OSHA’s enforcement initiatives
  • General Duty Clause
  • Multi-employer worksite doctrine
  • Temporary employees
  • False certifications
  • New recordkeeping regulations
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