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Defense Without Consent - Resetting Communication Channels

A large insured presented a sizable employment claim to their insurers and required defense counsel. The insurers specifically told the insured that their current counsel selection was not approved. The insured continued to use their choice of law firm but did not manage the claim adequately with the insurer. When the case was resolved, how did this approach impact the claim process?

Tag(s): Management Liability; Workers Compensation;

Articulating an Argument Based in Case Law

Assisted living facilities require each resident signs a contract with terms and conditions prior to moving in. One resident couple sued a facility alleging that it instituted a rate increase that they could not afford. Was the facility liable? If so, what was the impact to the facility? Did their coverage adequately protect them in the process?

Tag(s): Healthcare; Management Liability;

Rethinking and Rebalancing Compensation and Benefits with Revenue: How to Better Align Business and Employee Objectives

How can your organization optimize its compensation and benefits for long-term sustainability? Read Health & Welfare Consulting's Kent E. Lonsdale's whitepaper on the importance of mapping out the right path to a sustainable, flexible balance between employee and organizational objectives including the possibility of a defined contribution strategy with a private exchange.

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