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The good news and not-so-good news about APIs

Integration is a big deal in the HR technology industry because the concept of a single platform that supports all HR functions is highly appealing to employers. Previously, service providers developed new components for their core product to deliver an all-in-one-solution, but the add-ons were seldom as good as the core product. The result was an upsurge of point solutions, which could be integrated (to varying degrees of success) with an existing platform. Thanks to APIs, point solution integration has greatly improved.

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Daily Pay Technology: Tools to support employee financial wellness

Employee financial wellbeing continues to be a topic of great interest as employers seek tools to address absenteeism and low productivity associated financial stress. Among the innovations in HR technology are tools that support financial wellbeing by allowing employees to draw from their earnings off-cycle from the traditional weekly or biweekly paycheck.

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“Marriage Counseling” Can Save a Business Relationship

Partnerships between HR technology service providers and their employer clients face the same challenges as married couples. They come to the relationship with different expectations; varying levels of knowledge, understanding and expertise; and, frankly, different end-goals. Also, as one or both parties grow, expectations change. Just like in a marriage, communication is the key to address these challenges but (also as in a marriage) a subjective third-party can be helpful to facilitate that communication. Gallagher's HR and Benefits Technology consulting team can be that third-party facilitator to improve communication and achieve better outcomes for improved organizational wellbeing.

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2018 Benefits Strategy & Benchmarking Survey – Social Services Industry Addendum

Under increasing financial constraints, how do social service organizations effectively allocate resources to attract and retain a qualified staff? This addendum to the U.S. survey report on total compensation strategies provides data and insights that point the way to better outcomes through better benchmarking.

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Get the Most From Your HR Technology

The best thing about cloud-based software is the ease in which it is upgraded. The worst thing about cloud-based software is the ease of which it is upgraded. Great new features in HR technology go unnoticed because there is no formal process to optimize your software. Gallagher's HR and Benefits Technology team can help guide you to better organizational wellbeing with optimized HR technology.

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10 Tips for Governing the Relationship with your Technology Provider

Purchasing technology and outsourcing services from a third-party provider has many advantages, key among them is that it allows you to focus on your core business and leave HR technology tasks (automation, compliance, reporting, engagement, etc.) to those with the expertise to do what they do best.