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Organizational Wellbeing: Introduction

George Katsoudas shares insights on why the tight labor market, a generational shift, and the redefinition of work driven by the gig economy are game-changing trends — and how they’re compelling employers to address risks as well as opportunities.

Electronic Disclosure

Electronic disclosure of employee benefit communications is becoming more common. There are many different required communications, but no single set of rules that applies to all of them. Our 40-minute recorded webinar focuses on several key rules.

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Physical & Emotional Wellbeing: Introduction

Ali Payne discusses the role of community involvement in wellbeing, opportunities to foster physical and emotional wellbeing with existing resources, and the importance of fully deploying the right programs and policies — in the right way.

Healthcare Reform FAQs

Are you overwhelmed with all the details of healthcare reform? As regulations are issued, you may need further clarification. Gallagher has compiled an extensive list of frequently asked questions with answers provided by our compliance experts. Sections of the FAQs include Employer Responsibility, Individual Responsibility, Taxes and Subsidies, and Miscellaneous. Updated May 2018.

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