Employer Shared Responsibility Mandate Toolkit

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Beginning on January 1, 2015 the employer shared responsibility mandate requires applicable large employers to offer, to substantially all of their full-time employees and their dependents, eligible employer-sponsored coverage or face potential penalties. In an effort to provide clarity to the many aspects of the mandate, regulators have issued an immense amount of guidance over an extended period of time. This has overwhelmed employers as they work to understand and calculate their potential penalties and chart a course to full compliance.

To assist employers in their efforts to fully understand this important provision of healthcare reform, the compliance experts at Arthur J. Gallagher (“AJG”) have constructed this toolkit that covers all aspects of the mandate through the use of a flyer that relates potential penalties, a whitepaper that provides substantive background on the employer mandate, a set of FAQs for employers, flowcharts that visualize the transitional relief rules, and webinars covering the entirety of the employer shared responsibility rules.