Integrity Testing - How to Hire the Right People

Start Date 05/19/2016 11:00 AM CST
Webinar Presenters Mark Walker serves as Director of Sales for the leading U.S. firm for Pre-employment Integrity Tests, with over 60,000 candidates tested monthly. Mark has a vast amount of industry experience involvement with Employment Screening and Hiring Practices, including working with a number of Fortune 100 companies.
Webinar Duration 60

You will not want to miss this encore webinar about the value of Pre-employment Integrity Testing. This webinar will talk about the value of integrity testing and you will also learn how Mark Walker and the Merchants Information integrity testing helped Frank Russo, the Senior Vice President of Risk and Legal Affairs, cut costs for Silverado Senior Living. Integrity testing applies to all industries. 

Learn about The Merchants Integrity test that is proven to:

• Reduce workers compensation costs on average by 60%
• Reduce shrinkage, workplace violence/bullying, drug and alcohol abuse
• Be EEOC compliant
• Be the most cost-effective “first step” in the selection process