Gallagher Higher Education Think Tank Study: Collaborative Risk Management

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This Gallagher Higher Education Think Tank study examines the concept of using functional network structures and collaborative teams, formed to manage enterprise-wide risks.

This review grew from observations that a significant number of higher education institutions are struggling with the implementation of enterprise risk management (ERM) efforts. Some indeed are suc­cessful, but far more seem to start the classic ERM process and get stuck.

There can be a tremendous difference between institutions that have risk managers and institu­tions that manage risks. One end of the spectrum is represented by the often-overworked individual with an overstuffed portfolio. At the other end (even in schools with advanced ERM systems), there will be collaborative risk management institutions with multiple integrative teams. It’s a culture that rewards risk ownership and builds risk assessment into every initiative.

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Gallagher Think Tank study participants included:

  • Jeannine Bailes, Director Insurance & Risk Finance, ARM―University of Alabama - Birmingham
  • Beth Carmichael, Director of Compliance & Risk Management―Five Colleges
  • Troy Harris, Assistant Vice President for Institutional Resilience―Westmont College
  • Mark Kebert, Risk Manager―Purdue University
  • Gary Langsdale, University Risk Officer―Pennsylvania State University
  • David Pajak, MBA, DRM, ARM; Director, Risk Management & Chief Emergency Management Officer―Syracuse University
  • Nancy Pringle, Vice President & General Counsel―Ithaca College
  • Ruth Unks, Director of Enterprise Risk Management―Maricopa County Community College District
  • Meredith Whitten, JD, Senior Associate General Counsel―Tulane University
  • Joe Yohe, Associate Vice President, Risk Management―Georgetown University

Speakers and topic experts also included:

  • Janice Abraham, President & CEO, United Educators, a Reciprocal Risk Retention Group
  • Jim Bucknam, President & CEO, Freeh Group International Solutions, LLC
  • Omar McNeill, Partner, Freeh Group International Solutions, LLC
  • Mary Meshreky, Practice Manager, The Education Advisory Board
  • Patrick Tiedemann, Senior Analyst, The Education Advisory Board

Additional contributors from Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. include:

  • Dorothy M. Gjerdrum, Executive Director, Public Entity & Scholastic Division
  • Glenn Hanna, Chief Commercial Officer, Arthur J. Gallagher, Australia 
  • Vincent Morris, Executive Director, Higher Education Practice
  • John E. Watson, Executive Director, Higher Education Practice