Violent and Malicious Acts Coverage: Are You Prepared?

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Are you prepared?

It’s a sad fact that every year dozens of armed attacks take place in our schools, churches, shopping malls, restaurants and many other places that should be safe havens. Although a handful of notorious attacks reach the headlines, many others that cause injury and death receive little publicity.

Aside from the severe personal cost to the victims, malicious injury and death can cause huge, unplanned disruption and expense at the worst time. These attacks often result in little or no physical damage to the property — failing to activate the extra expense or business interruption coverage in the property policy, yet can still result in millions of dollars in uninsured extra expense and extended loss of revenue.

VMA insures the extended loss of revenue and/or necessary extra expense losses resulting from violent malicious acts resulting in bodily injury at an insured location without the requirement for physical damage to the property.