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At Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., we’re a global provider with a hometown feel.

Because we know your business is unique and has challenges that cannot be resolved by “off the shelf” coverage, we have teams of experts that leverage the power of our global resources to design a custom solution specifically for you, while offering localized service when and where you need it.

We offer consulting on compensation strategies in Phoenix, AZ; Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN and throughout the country. Our office also has specialists that can assist you with all of your commercial insurance or benefits and HR consulting needs. And our advisors will help you stay informed of evolving challenges and issues in your industry.

Most important, we pride ourselves on providing world-class service and innovative ideas. We see solutions where others see problems.

Concerned about changing classification and compensation study needs? With proven, customized job analysis and ranking methods, Gallagher’s Human Resources and Compensation Consulting Practice (HRCC) has in-depth expertise and resources specifically tailored to meet public sector employer needs.  No matter your size, structure, or location, Gallagher’s HR and compensation experts can help ensure best-in-class outcomes from your organization.

The process begins with a consultative dialogue to discover your organization’s unique cultural needs, administration capabilities, and structure.  Based on this discussion, Gallagher’s team of specialists will recommend a path forward selecting from our various resources, which includes the DECISION BAND METHOD®; FLEXPOINT™, a point factor plan, and JFACS™, an automated system.

Classification and Compensation Studies

  • Design of internally and externally equitable compensation systems
  • Analysis and evaluation of job classification and compensation practices:
  • Alternative pay systems
  • Compensation surveys and structuring of salary ranges
  • Development of policies, controls, and procedures
  • Fair Labor Standards Act, Equal Pay Act, Civil Rights Act and Americans with Disabilities Act compliance review

Performance Planning and Evaluation

  • Definition of position objectives and standards of performance
  • Pay for performance systems
  • Performance appraisal programs
  • Motivation and performance improvement systems
  • Diagnosis of personnel practices, problems, and attitudes

Organization Reviews and Human Resources Planning

  • Review of department objectives, functions, policies, procedures and practices
  • Operations audits of department efficiency and effectiveness
  • Development of human resources goals, strategies, organization structures, work flow, and job designs
  • Organizational change management and organizational alignment
  • Group process facilitation

CompDoctor Knowledgebase

Discover answers to frequently asked questions from our human resources and compensation experts.

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When it comes to helping higher education institutions meet their compensation study needs by designing and implementing aligned compensation and benefit solutions that are sustainable and support the institution’s mission, vision and values, Gallagher’s team of human resources and compensation experts have the right experience and resources.

If you are looking for best-in-class outcomes, no matter your size or location, Gallagher’s higher education compensation consulting team can help. The process starts by first understanding your culture and values before comparing pay levels with peers to determine the alignment of values and rewards. You can rest assured in the fact that your Gallagher compensation consulting team will test for fairness and develop guidelines for future pay decisions. The results? Higher education clients gain confidence and confirmation in their employee compensation decisions and often discover opportunities to more effectively spend.

Services include:

Faculty Compensation Consulting

  • Total compensation competitive analysis
  • Performance evaluation
  • Pay compression analysis
  • Peer compensation comparison
  • Race and gender equity studies

Employee Compensation Consulting

  • Total compensation competitive analysis
  • Job evaluation:
  • Job and salary structure development
  • Market pricing
  • Performance evaluation
  • Pay compression analysis
  • Peer compensation comparison
  • Race and gender equity studies

Staffing Analysis

  • Staffing levels by function and department
  • Staffing ratios and work volume

Fair Labor Standards Act Reviews

  • Examination of exempt and non-exempt status

CompDoctor Knowledgebase

Discover answers to frequently asked questions from our human resources and compensation experts.

Please click HERE to access CompDoctor articles and topics.

Your organization is unique. Your benefits, compensation and human resources programs should be, too. Our Consulting and Industry Practice teams will help you craft a tailored solution that balances your unique priorities, goals and financial realities. Together, we’ll design a program encompassing your benefits, compensation, retirement and wellness plans—so they all work together to deliver positive, sustainable impact and measurable results for your employees and organization alike.

Our Broad-based Compensation Consulting practice, one of the specialties in the Human Resources & Compensation Consulting practice, is based in this office, and provides compensation program analysis and design to help create or refine your organization’s compensation philosophy and strategy to support overall organizational objectives. With decades of experience in the Public Sector and Higher Education industries, these compensation and performance management specialists can help your organization design compensation programs that are competitive and equitable while fitting your strategy, budget and culture.

Our solutions include:

We have deep, established knowledge across a wide range of industries.   This experience is what allows us to understand your business and craft a solution for you.  We’d be happy to share any number of case studies demonstrating our ability to meet your unique needs.