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Gallagher Charitable can help you arrange Medical Professional Liability coverage via the International Helpers (Guernsey) Trust. The Trust provides for coverage while traveling outside of the USA for both short-term and career medical missionaries and related medical personnel. 

Coverage: Limited to $500,000 per occurrence with $5,000 retention per claim, per practitioner. Coverage applies to occurrences outside of home country and the U.S. with worldwide jurisdiction. 

This is not a temporary policy that is issued directly to an individual; it is a master policy issued to the International Helpers (Guernsey) Trust. Applicants who pay the participation fee are considered Trust participants and are covered for incidents occurring during their declared dates of participation. The policy is still effective after they return from their trip as the policy does not expire. The master policy is renewed annually and therefore protects participating practitioners from trailing claims.

Cost: From $4.70 to $11.65 per day dependent on level of licensure and the participant option selected. Applicants are required to participate at highest level of licensure, regardless of the actual procedures that will be performed while abroad.

How to Enroll: Applicants may enroll via the Trust’s website Click on the “Participate” button, click on the “Enroll” button, enter medmissions as the user name and mpl as the password, and click “Next.”

Checks should be made payable to Gallagher Charitable and mailed to:

Gallagher Charitable
ATTN: Medical Professional Liability
P.O. Box 5845
Columbia, SC 29250

Claims: In the event of a claim, please contact Gallagher Charitable
International Insurance Services staff: 

P: 800.922.8438
F: 803.252.1988

Medical Professional Liability Coverage


If eligible for participation in the Trust, coverage will be provided during short-term projects outside the United States. Individual physicians, surgeons, nurses and various medical technicians or groups of these persons affiliated with nonprofit and charitable organizations may participate.

Daily Participation Fee Per Practitioner Without Organization Coverage
Classification 1
Classification 2
Classification 3


Daily Participation Fee Per Practitioner Includes Organization Coverage
Classification 1
Classification 2
Classification 3


Medical Professional Liability Coverage


Medical practitioners stationed abroad for long periods may participate on an annual arrangement. Full-time volunteers that are on assignment longer than 6 months are subject to the below annual rate. Any volunteer that is on assignment under 6 months should contact Gallagher Charitable to speak with a representative for other coverage options.

Annual Participation Fee Per Practitioner Without Organization Coverage
Classification 1
Classification 2
Classification 3


Daily Participation Fee Per Practitioner Includes Organization Coverage
Classification 1
Classification 2
Classification 3



Without Organization Coverage: Choosing this option provides liability protection for you as a practitioner but no coverage will extend to your sponsoring organization.

Includes Organization Coverage: Choosing this option will not only provide liability protection for you as a practitioner, but also for your sponsoring organization as a result of your actions. Please note that the $500,000 policy limit is shared among all claimants for a single occurrence pertaining to an enrollee. This option does not provide an additional $500,000 limit to your sponsoring organization.


  1. Physician – No Surgery: Chiropractor, Dentist, Registered Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Pharmacist, Physician Assistant, physical therapy, Various Medical technicians – X-ray, CT, surgical, etc.
  2. Physician – Minor Surgery: Podiatry, Emergency Medicine, Oral Surgeon, Nurse Anesthetist, Radiation Therapist.
  3. Specialists Providing Surgical Procedures, Highly Skilled Search and Rescue, Physician – Major Surgery: Ophthalmology, Urology, Cardiac Surgery, Otolaryngology, General Surgery, Anesthesiology, Obstetrics-Gynecology, Plastic Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Neurosurgery, and all others.
Accidental Death & Dismemberment $100,000 Reduced to $10,000 for those under age 12 or age 70 and over
Medical Expenses - Primary
$100 deductible
No preexisting conditions Exclusion.
$10,000 Primary coverage; $2,500 of this limit is available to pay
U.S. or Canadian providers
Excess Medical Expenses - Optional
Preexisting conditions are Excluded.
Includes san additional $50,000 Emergency Medical Evacuation limit.
$40,000 For those age 0-59 at an additional $0.49 per diem
$90,000 For those age 0-59 at an additional $0.69 per diem
Excess Medical Expenses - Optional
Preexisting conditions are Excluded.
Does NOT include an additional Emergency Medical Evacuation limit.
$40,000 For those age 60-65 at an additional $1.40 per diem
$40,000 For those age 66-70 at an additional $3.05 per diem
Disability Income Benefit
(no benefit if under age 12 or 70 and over)
First 100 Months — Accident
Months 101–200 — Accident
50 Months — Sickness (after 3 month waiting period)
Assistance Service Included Available 24/7/365 for assistance with worldwide medical emergencies; provided by Intana Global™
Emergency Medical Evacuation $100,000 Coordinated by Intana Global™; will bring participant back to USA if necessary
Crisis Management Service* Included Available 24/7/365 for assistance with worldwide non-medical emergencies; provided by red24
Security Evacuation* $100,000 Coordinated by red24; for evacuation due to crime, civil unrest, natural disasters, kidnap/hostage situations**
Family Coordination and Repatriation of Mortal Remains $25,000 Combined limit for both benefits and includes a sublimit of $2,500 for extra expenses incurred  during an approved evacuation
Personal Property
$100 deductible
$2,500 “Door to door” replacement cost coverage includes checked baggage; higher limits available upon request.
General Liability $1,000,000 Worldwide jurisdiction; includes coverage for injury to a volunteer; covers volunteer and sending organization
PARTICIPATION FEE $3.30 per person per day

By requesting that we enroll you or your group, you are agreeing to participate in International Helpers (Guernsey) Trust (IHT) for certain benefits and services. The Trust Participation Agreement is attached for signature and return with enrollment. Services & Benefits are provided by service contracts & insurance policies issued to IHT.

*The cost of a security evacuation is only insured up to $1,000 in countries and regions deemed Extreme Risk by red24, unless the volunteer is already in the country and insured by this plan when the country or region is elevated to Extreme Risk status. red24 cannot guarantee service in Extreme Risk areas. If you are traveling to an area that may be subject to this limitation, please contact us.

** While red24 will deploy a specialist or negotiator as needed, this benefit does not pay ransom amounts.

This brief summary is not an insurance policy; rather, it outlines some of the features of this coverage. For specific details, please contact our office or refer to the policy. This is not a major medical policy. Major Medical Coverage is available for individuals and groups on Short-Term and Long-Term international assignments. An Aggregate Limit of $20,000,000 applies to the above benefits. This limit provides the full $100,000 AD&D benefit for up to 200 persons in a common accident.

To participate and receive the services & benefits of IHT, complete the enrollment form and return along with your check made payable to: Gallagher Charitable International Insurance Services. In computing the number of days, count the departure day as well as the day of return. If the entire group is not traveling on the same dates, please attach a separate sheet grouping the volunteers by their travel dates.

To enroll, please visit

For questions, please contact

This is basic travel protection at a competitive cost for mission activities and related projects within the U.S. and Canada. Coverage becomes effective for each eligible person on the date a completed enrollment form is received by the company and is provided for covered activities only. Coverage terminates on the earlier of the termination date of the Policy or the date the person ceases to be eligible.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit and Paralysis Benefit

If injury to the insured person shall result in one of the following losses within 365 days from the date of covered accident, the Company will pay the percentage of the principal sum specified below:

Percentage of Principal Sum
Loss of
Plan A+ and A
Plan B
Two Hands, Two Feet or the Sight of Both Eyes
One Hand and One Foot
One Hand and the Sight of One Eye
One Foot and the Sight of One Eye
One Hand, One Foot or the Sight of One Eye
Thumb and Index Finger

“Loss” shall mean, with reference to hand or foot, complete severance through or above the wrist or ankle joint; with reference to sight of any eye, the entire and irrecoverable loss of sight thereof; with reference to thumb or index finger, severance through or above the metacarpophalangeal joint; with reference to quadriplegia, the complete and irreversible paralysis of both upper and lower limbs; with regard to paraplegia, the complete and irreversible paralysis of both lower limbs; and with regard to hemiplegia, the complete and irreversible paralysis of upper and lower limbs on one side of the body. If more than one of such specified losses shall result from the same accident, only one amount, largest, shall be paid.

Permanent Total Disability Benefit

When as the result of injury and commencing within 90 days of the date of accident and insured person is totally and permanently disabled and prevented from engaging in each and every occupation or employment for compensation or profit for which he is reasonably qualified by reason of his education, training or experience, the Company will pay, provided such disability has continued for a period of 12 consecutive months and is total, continuous and permanent at the end of this period, the principal sum less any amount paid under the Accidental Dismemberment Indemnity coverage as a result of the same accident, at a rate of one percent per month for 100 months.

Accidental Medical Expense Benefit

If injury to the insured person shall require treatment by a physician, the Company will pay the usual and reasonable covered expenses actually incurred after the satisfaction of the deductible for such services, treatment or supplies up to the maximum amount, provided the first expense is incurred within 30 days of the accident causing Injury. The expenses must be incurred within 52 consecutive weeks after the date of accident.

  • There is a SICKNESS sublimit of $2,500 provided under Plan A+ and A only.
  • There is an EMERGENCY TRANSPORTATION benefit of $25,000 provided under Plan A+ and A only.

Medical & Transportation Benefits are payable only in excess of any expenses payable by other valid and collectible protection. Benefits cannot be combined and will not exceed the limits outlined under any circumstance.

Services must be approved by the attending physician and include but are not limited to the following: charges for semiprivate hospital room and board, use of the operating room, emergency room and Ambulatory Medical Center; fees of physicians; medical expenses (in or out of the hospital) including lab tests, prescription medicines, anesthetics, artificial limbs or eyes, ambulance service, therapeutics, transfusions, x-rays and prosthetic appliances; and charges for registered nurse.

The Aggregate Limit of Indemnity of $1,000,000 shall be the total limit of the Company’s liability for all indemnities payable with respect to all Insured Persons arising out of Injury sustained by two or more Insured Persons as the result of any one accident.

NEW! Personal Property Coverage

We now offer Personal Property coverage with the selection of Plan A+. This plan level includes a $2,500 maximum limit per individual for lost, stolen or damaged baggage and personal effects. There is a $100 deductible per occurrence. The aggregate limit is $2,000,000.


Plan Design and Rates
Plan A+
Plan A
Plan B
Principal Sum
Accidental Death and Dismemberment
Accidental Medical Expense 
     Maximum Amount
     Deductible per occurrence Accident 
Sickness Medical Expense 
    Maximum Amount
    Deductible per occurrence Sickness
Emergency Transportation Expense Reimbursement
Personal Property 
     Deductible per Occurrence
Cost per day of Services

Note: Those under age 10 are eligible for Plan A only.


Policy does not cover any loss, fatal or nonfatal, incurred for or resulting from the following: suicide or any attempt thereat while sane or self-destruction or any attempt while insane; infections except pyrogenic infections caused wholly by a covered injury; war or any act of war, or accident occurring while in the military, naval or air service of any country; accident occurring while the insured person is operating, learning to operate or performing the duties as a member of the crew of any aircraft; dental treatment except as a result of injury to sound natural teeth; replacement of eyeglasses or eye examinations for the correction of vision or fitting of glasses unless injury has caused impairment of sight; injury for which the insured person is entitled to benefits under any workers compensation act or law or any similar legislation; hernia of any kind; being intoxicated or under the influence of any narcotic unless administered on the advice of a physician.


“Injury” shall mean bodily injury caused by an accident and occurring while the policy is in force as to the person whose injury is the basis of claim and resulting directly and independently of all other causes in loss covered by the policy.

This is a summary of coverage only. For exact details, please refer to the policy on file with the policy holder, Linking Arms Association. If there is any conflict between the provisions of this summary and those of the policy, the provisions of the policy issued to Linking Arms will govern at all times.

Linking Arms Association

By submitting a completed enrollment form and payment to Gallagher Charitable, you agree to join the Linking Arms Association, located in Washington, District of Columbia. This protection is one benefit of your membership in the Association. To learn more about the Association and other member benefits, please visit the Association’s web site at or contact Gallagher Charitable

Enrollment Procedure

The enrollment form should be completed fully by the group leader, travel agent or individual and the original copy returned with your premium to Gallagher Charitable. We suggest that this enrollment be completed well in advance of your term of service. You can return your completed application to for review and processing.


In the event of a claim, contact the GCIIS Claims Department for applicable claim forms.

Please complete Accident Claim Report and attach bills or other information. Sign the form and have the physician’s statement completed. On any accident medical expense claims indicate your policy number, employer’s name, and insurance carrier’s name, claims office address and phone number. Remember that the accident medical expense coverage is excess of other protection you may have.

When writing or calling us about a claim, please identify yourself as a USA/Canada Volunteer and identify the city and state of both your home and mission, sponsoring group, and dates of your particular mission so that we may promptly identify you and confirm your coverage.

All claims should be reported promptly to:

P.O. Box 5845
Columbia, SC 29250-5845
P: 803.758.1400 | F: 803.252.1988



If several persons are participating in a single project, but for different dates of service, please list these persons showing their dates separately; married couples traveling together should list both husband and wife. Travel agents or group leaders may attach a roster in lieu of completing this list and email it to Coverage is provided under policy PUSNA1502893. Copies of the policy issued to Linking Arms are available upon request.

Make checks payable to Gallagher Charitable and submit with the application. Regardless of how you enroll for coverage, an email confirmation of coverage will be sent. This will be your receipt. Mail confirmations will be sent upon request. Please advise Gallagher Charitable International Insurance Services of any changes in travel plans or visit to enroll online.


International Helpers (Guernsey) Trust (IHT) makes available to certain participants a Trip Cancellation package specifically designed for those travelling outside their home country. This plan is designed to protect the financial investment you have made in your mission trip in the event that you need to cancel or terminate it early.  Gallagher Charitable International Insurance Services (GCIIS) can assist you in accessing this benefit.  Lloyd’s, London provides this cover to IHT.

Schedule of Benefits
Maximum benefit per participant

  • Trip Cancellation/Interruption: $10,000
  • Travel Delay: $500 ($100 per day)
  • Baggage Delay: $100

Right to Terminate Participation

If you are not satisfied for any reason, you may notify GCIIS and return the memorandum within ten days after receipt, provided you have not already departed on your trip or filed a claim.  The participation fee will be refunded, less a processing fee.  The cover will be null and void.

Trip Cancellation/Interruption

Subject to the limitations stated below, we will pay for nonrefundable, unused payments and deposits, not to exceed the lesser of the total trip protection purchased, or the maximum benefit shown on the Schedule of Benefits, if your covered trip is cancelled or interrupted as a result of any one of the following events that occurs after your coverage is in effect and before such coverage terminates:

  1. Emergency illness, injury or death to:
  • You;
  • A family member;
  • A business partner;
  • A travel companion; or
  • A travel companion’s family member.

The emergency illness or injury must be so disabling as to reasonably cause a covered trip to be delayed, cancelled or interrupted upon the written opinion of a treating physician. For trip cancellation benefits, an actual examination by a physician must take place before the cancellation is made. For trip interruption benefits, this examination must take place during the covered trip. If the emergency illness or injury occurs to a family member or travel companion’s family member, that person must require your care or the care of a travel companion.

We will not pay for those unused payments or deposits that are non-refundable as a result of your failure to notify the travel supplier of the cancellation of a covered trip within ten days after the death of a family member, business partner, travel companion or travel companion’s family member.

We will not pay this benefit if your illness, injury or death is a result of a pre-existing condition. This pre-existing condition exclusion is waived if coverage is purchased within 14 days from the date your initial deposit for the covered trip was paid to the travel supplier and all insureds are medically able to travel on the date coverage is purchased.

  1. Financial default of a travel supplier (other than the travel supplier from whom you purchased the covered Trip) which stops service more than 30 days after the date your coverage became effective. Financial default of a travel supplier before or on the date your coverage became effective or within 30 days after the date your coverage became effective is excluded. This coverage must be purchased within 14 days from the date of initial deposit for the covered trip.

  2. A terrorist incident, if you are scheduled to arrive at a destination within 30 days following the terrorist incident and the travel supplier is not offering a substitute itinerary. Travel to any destination for which travel warnings have been issued by the U.S. State Department at the time this coverage is purchased is excluded. Travel to any destination in which such a terrorist incident has occurred in the 180 days prior to the date this coverage was purchased is excluded.

  3. Organized labor strike, natural disasters or bad weather resulting in the complete cessation of services by a travel supplier for at least 24 consecutive hours.

  4. You or a travel companion being hijacked or medically quarantined by order of a governmental health authority.

  5. You or a travel companion being summoned to serve on a jury or served with a court order issued after the date your coverage became effective, which mandates the appearance in court during the time period of the covered trip.

  6. Your home or the home of a travel companion is made uninhabitable by fire, windstorm, vandalism or flood.

  7. A traffic accident directly involving either you or a travel companion, substantiated by a police report, while en route to a scheduled departure point for the covered trip.

  8. You or a travel companion is on active military duty in the United States Armed Forces or is an active duty police officer or firefighter, whose personal leave is revoked within 10 days before your departure date. Such revocation must be in writing by a superior officer and must not be due to a base or unit mobilization, unit or personal reassignment for any reason (whether temporary or permanent) or disciplinary action.

  9. Employer termination or your layoff. You must have been employed with the same employer for at least one year, and you must have worked at least 30 hours per week, excluding time off for paid vacation and holidays, for the entire period of employment.

If your covered trip is interrupted due to any of the events listed above, we will reimburse you for a one-way economy airfare to return you to the starting point of your covered trip, less any amounts credited or refunded to you; except you will not be reimbursed if a family member or travel companion with whom you permanently reside suffers an illness, injury or death as a result of a pre-existing condition that is not waived.

Travel Delay

Subject to the limitations listed below, we will pay up to the maximum benefit shown on the Schedule of Benefits for additional reasonable traveling expenses that are incurred by you on a covered trip because of a travel delay of at least eight hours, and are not otherwise paid by a travel supplier or common carrier. You must make every reasonable effort to avoid additional expenses. This benefit is payable for only one delay per covered trip. Travel delay must be caused by:

  1. Travel supplier delay;
  2. Lost or stolen passport, travel documents or money;
  3. Medical quarantine;
  4. Natural disaster; or
  5. Injury or emergency illness of you or a travel companion.

Any benefit payable under this coverage will be reduced by all amounts credited or refunded to you by any other source.

Baggage Delay

In the event your checked baggage is delayed by a common carrier on a covered trip for eight hours or more from the actual time of arrival at a destination, subject to the limitations stated below, we will reimburse costs you incurred up to the maximum benefit shown on the schedule of benefits for reasonable additional clothing and essential personal articles you purchased. Verification of the delay by the common carrier and receipts for the necessary purchases must accompany any claim. The following limitations will apply:

  1. This benefit does not apply if baggage is delayed after you have reached your return destination.
  2. We will cover only one baggage delay per covered trip.
  3. This benefit is in excess of any reimbursable costs paid by a common carrier.

Claim Provisions

To help facilitate prompt payment of claims, you should report all claims as soon as possible directly to:

Gallagher Charitable International Insurance Services
P.O. Box 5845
Columbia, SC 29250-5845
Phone: 800.922.8438 | Fax: 803.252.1988

Written notice of claim must be given to us within 30 days after a covered injury, illness or loss occurs or begins. If such notice cannot be given during such time, then it must be done as soon as reasonably possible. The notice must include the claimant’s name, your name and the confirmation number.

Insurance Provisions
Eligibility and Effective Date

Subject to our acceptance of your enrollment and payment of the participation fee in full, coverage for all benefits except trip cancellation will begin on the departure date. The trip cancellation benefit will begin at 12:01 AM on the day after your enrollment date.

Termination Date

All coverage for a covered trip ends on the earliest of:

  1. Arrival at your return destination;
  2. The return date; or
  3. Cancellation of your covered trip.


We will not pay for any illness, injury or loss caused by or as a result of:

  1. A pre-existing condition, except as waived by us under the terms of the policy.
  2. War or any act of war (whether declared or undeclared), civil disturbance, riot or insurrection.
  3. Serving in one of the armed forces of any country or international authority.
  4. Operating, learning to operate, piloting or riding in or on any aircraft or flying device, other than riding as a passenger in a licensed commercial aircraft.
  5. Suicide or attempted suicide, while sane; intentionally self-inflicted Injury or Illness.
  6. Being under the influence of any intoxicant, drug or narcotic unless prescribed by a physician.
  7. Training, practicing or participating in any motor sport or motor racing.
  8. Parachuting, hang gliding, parasailing, hot air ballooning, scuba diving below 135 feet or any type of scuba diving without the proper diving training and certification from a professional organization, rock or mountain climbing or hunting.
  9. Pregnancy or childbirth when you are expected to give birth within two months from the date of a covered trip or an elective abortion.
  10. Traveling against the advice of a physician, traveling while on a waiting list for inpatient hospital or clinic treatment or traveling for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment abroad.
  11. Taking part in any scheduled athletic event or competition.
  12. Any emotional, psychological, mental or nervous disorder.
  13. Any potentially fatal condition which was diagnosed before the date your coverage became effective or any condition for which you are traveling to seek treatment.
  14. Dental treatment due to normal wear and tear or the normal maintenance of dental health.


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