Sports-Related Concussion Resources

All of these documents have been submitted by Think Tank Participants and other institutions.  These documents  have been stripped of their institutional identifiers and converted to word docs so that others may use these as a starting point.  Waivers and other documents with potential legal implications should be reviewed by the legal counsel and made appropriate to your state. 

*None of these documents represent legal advice, but merely as varying risk management approaches to managing TBI risks at an institutional level.

Varsity Sports

Club & Intramural Sports

Waivers and Releases

These waivers are designed to illustrate the variety of types of waiver schools are using – general releases for varsity or club sports, specialized waivers for minors (check state laws!) and waivers for groups that may or may not be technically “sports clubs.”

This paper, by one of our contributing editors, outlines informed consent, waiver and participation agreement construction considerations for a state that has strict waiver construction rules but that has a good history of upholding well-constructed waivers (Massachusetts).