What Does It Take to Sustain a Workplace Culture of Total Wellbeing?

Skillfully Managing Labor Market Trends

Outperforming competitors requires investing in the wellbeing of your organization. That means making better strategic decisions in a tight labor market that’s undergoing a significant shift in generational participation and a redefinition of work. By aligning your technology with a human capital management strategy and integrating a people perspective into your risk management strategy, you can gain key advantages. You’re better able to protect your people and organization against rising cybersecurity threats and maximize the benefits of the emerging gig economy. And when you take a values-based approach to ethics, social governance and employee engagement, you may also strengthen your reputational standing in the marketplace.

The 2018 Human Capital Insights Report includes 17 articles that spotlight ideas and solutions on trending benefit and HR topics — the ones that matter most to you right now. Authored by 35 Gallagher thought leaders, the report helps you cultivate a better workplace that balances the physical and emotional, financial, career, and organizational elements of total wellbeing. And drive better business outcomes.

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