Putting the Pieces Back Together

As you begin to rebuild after a devastating natural disaster, dealing with the financial realities of finding normalcy once again can be overwhelming. While your current focus may be physically picking up the pieces that are left behind, as time passes, your focus will turn to how you move forward. 

To support you as you move forward, below you will find resources to help guide your financial recovery.

To assist you in making the tough financial decisions that accompany any disaster recovery effort, Gallagher has partnered with Pete the Planner® to provide an easy-to-use guide to Financial Recovery, along with a suite of videos that unpack the issues you may be facing and questions you may be struggling to answer about how you’ll fund your repairs and replacements.

Download the Financial Recovery Guide today, then tune in to the video library below to hear practical guidance from Peter Dunn on topics including debt relief, cash flow solutions and more.

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Estimates indicate that the recent hurricanes destroyed as many as a million vehicles across the affected regions.  The need for replacement vehicles is widespread and urgent.  However, access to replacement vehicles after a large-scale disaster can prove challenging for you, even if you have insurance.

Increase in demand for less expensive replacement vehicles will make finding quality used cars even more challenging – and the cars that are available will require substantive background checks to ensure they were not damaged by storm waters. Although vehicles can be superficially repaired, water can wreak havoc on the engine, exhaust, electrical systems, and computer controls.

Consider researching your replacement vehicle purchase through resources like:

  • Carfax is offering its flood-damage database for free post Harvey and Irma. Buyers can learn more about how flooding affects cars and check if a specific car is flood-damaged.
  • The National Insurance Crime Bureau has offered a free Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) check service to see if a car has been in a flood.
  • For a low cost, consumers can research important vehicle conditions and history information (including the vehicle’s title, odometer data and certain damage history) using approved data providers participating in the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System.

These sites allow consumers to check a VIN against existing databases for any known history, but there are ways for unscrupulous merchants to get around these background checks. Remember to have any used vehicle inspected carefully by a trusted auto mechanic before you sign on the dotted line.

Through Gallagher’s partner, BonusDrive, individuals who suffered the loss of a vehicle in recent natural disasters could have an opportunity to receive a cash rebate of up to $500 on the purchase of select new vehicles. Here is how the BonusDrive program works: 

  • Employees and their family members of Gallagher clients are eligible to use the BonusDrive program 
  • BonusDrive gives users a cash rebate of up to $500 when they shop for and purchase or lease a select new vehicle 
  • Users are encouraged to visit BonusDrive.com to view latest offers and eligible vehicles 
  • Users complete a short application at BonusDrive.com within 60 days of purchase 
  • A check will arrive at the applicant’s home in 8-10 weeks 

The BonusDrive offer is in addiction to any offer or discounts from the manufacturer and dealer. For complete details and program terms and conditions, please visit BonusDrive.com.