The History of Common Ground


The Common Ground program was established in 2002 by Gallagher's Religious & Nonprofit Practice in partnership with national and regional denominations of church-owned property and casualty insurance professionals. We hold an annual meeting to discuss some of the greatest challenges and risks within the religious sector each year - with innovative and comprehensive approaches on how to best address them.

Who Attends?

We invite leaders of national and regional programs serving the faith-based community who manage captives, trusts, risk retention groups, master policy programs and risk pooling groups. 

What is the Purpose?

The program was established to build on our knowledge of risk management, risk financing and program strategies as well as to network and deepen relationships across the broader faith-based community.

Who Organizes It?

This event was co-created by Michael Downs (who was the CEO of the United Church Insurance Board at that time and is now the CEO of the Pension Board of UCC) - and Peter Persuitti, Managing Director of the Religious Practice at Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.  As we identify a faith-tradition and program to host each year, we include that person as a member of our “planning team”.