C2, Plenaries, & Workshop Offerings


Dean Alvin Abraham, “A Financial Perspective to Addressing the Education & Prosperity Gap in Minnesota”

Mike Patterson, “Misconduct Crisis & The Vatican New Temporal Administration Initiatives

Jim Lundholm-Eades, Leads “Collaboration & Innovation and Systemic Transformation in a Diocese-the Six Stage Model”


  • Adjustments in the Business Plan & Focus to help dioceses as well as serve more children through safe and character-focused sports programs.
  • Diocesan Enterprise Platform of Service - see how one diocese has built an impressive virtual set of services and documentation for the entire diocesan constituency.
  • SML Risk Management Program Sharing – a discussion among different service providers about the evolution of our understanding and our focus on mitigating risk.
  • Risk Management Information Systems – what is RMIS (Risk Management Information Systems) and Why is it important for the Diocesan Enterprise.
  • Incorporating a Medical Plan Decision Tool into your Enrollment Process
  • What to look for in a benefits plan online enrollment system
  • Diocesan Specialized P&C Markets—What are dioceses to expect in 2018?
  • Diocesan Benefit Program Trends in 2018 and Beyond
  • Becoming a Destination Employer
  • Diocesan Alternative Risk Transfer “ART” - What are we Learning
  • Cyber Risk & Insurance
  • Diocesan Risk Managers Forum Roundtable
  • Hot Topics for Compliance
  • Diocesan Claim Trends—A holistic View
  • Effective Communication Strategies for your 403 (b) plan
  • Lay & Priest Pension Discussion
  • Social Impact Investing
  • What are we learning from Diocesan Catastrophic Events?


  • Good Communication is key to improving employee engagement
  • Compensation Strategies-Pay Equity will Help Create a Destination Workplace
  • Creating a better retiree medical experience while lowering costs
  • Controlling Healthcare Costs through
  • Innovative Methods
  • Best Practices for EPLI, Fraud, Misconduct, Harassment Allegations
  • Creating a Culture of Total Wellbeing
  • Actively Managing Risk for Long Term
  • Sustainability
  • Technology Tools
  • HR Technologies
  • Student Accident Claims Trends & Innovations
  • Creative Solutions to a Changing Workforce
  • Governance & Diocesan Committees
  • Sensor Technology & Managing Diocesan Risk