Wellbeing Info & Activities

We are thrilled to be partnering with our internal colleagues in our Gallagher Wellbeing & Engagement Practice.
Ali Payne is our Global Practice Leader and you can read more online;
several members of our Minneapolis-based team will be joining us.

For our 2018 Convocation “Wellbeing & Engagement” is a prevailing theme. 
From monitoring stations for blood pressure to water stations with fusion options (fruit, etc.),
breathing exercises during plenaries and stretching as part of each workshop, we will keep you moving!  

Download the Wellbeing Walk Map here.

Tuesday, May 22nd


Take the LightRail to the Hotel! Some good walking there!
Download LightRail Guide here

4:00 pm

Mall Wellbeing Walk for Early Arrivals – Guided 30 minutes (meet on 2nd floor registration area)

Wednesday, May 23rd

9:15 am 

Mall Wellbeing Walk – Guided approximately 30 minutes (meet on 2nd floor registration area)

10:30 am

Meet Our Sponsors & Wellbeing Partners


Thursday, May 24th

6:00 am

Mall Wellbeing Walk – Guided approximately 30 minutes (meet on 2nd floor registration area)


Take the LightRail from the hotel (Mall of America) to the Airport! Some good walking there!


Build a culture of total wellbeing.

When you develop benefit and HR programs that support a changing, multidimensional workforce, you’ll create a culture that’s focused on organizational health and your employees’ total wellbeing. Business success is a function of the people you employ and how engaged they are with your organization. That level of engagement is linked to employee wellbeing and health.