At Gallagher, our approach is different.

CORE360™ is our unique comprehensive approach of evaluating our client's risk management program that leverages analytical tools and diverse resources for customized, maximum impact on six cost drivers of their total cost of risk.

We consult with you to understand all of your actual and potential costs, and the strategic options to reallocate these costs with smart, actionable insights.  This will empower you to know, to control and to minimize your total cost of risk and improve your profitability.



See how it works.

Watch the video below to learn more about how Gallagher evaluates your risk management program. Starting with Insurance Premiums and ending with Contractual Liability, we highlight each cost driver, ensuring we are deliberate in driving value to each one. This represents your total cost of risk.



Our work is never done.

During the Renewal process, we continuously challenge your existing program and look for opportunities for future improvements.  We use our powerful Data & Analytics platform to provide educated recommendations and insights. That’s the CORE360™ Client Experience.