Program Structure

Gallagher takes a different approach than most brokers when structuring your insurance and risk management program.  Most brokers use a narrow approach, focusing primarily on traditional insurance.  At Gallagher, we design your unique program from the ground up using a mix of traditional and non-traditional products that balances the level of risk and reward across the risk continuum and ensures that all the pieces fit together in a way that minimizes your total cost of risk.

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Actionable Advice to Drive Informed Decisions

Traditional Coverages
Gallagher works with you to determine the appropriate mix of products and risk levels when building your company's insurance and risk management program.

Captive Solutions
For those that prefer to have more control over their risk expenditures, Gallagher’s team is proficient in managing and developing captive solutions.

Self Insurance
Gallagher has extensive experience with self insurance solutions and can provide guidance throughout the entire process.

At Gallagher, we have experts with years of experience in designing and managing pools and cooperatives for a range of both public sector and other clients.

> Insurance Pools for the Public Sector

Gallagher benchmarks your company against data from thousands of companies with similar risk profiles.

CAT Modeling
For those in areas prone to catastrophic weather events, Gallagher has tools to assess the appropriate level of coverage needed to minimize your total cost of risk.

Data Modeling
Gallagher believes data is key to building the best possible program with the appropriate range of limits for your business.

Risk Management Tools
Gallagher has tools to help you better understand, manage and analyze your business' various risk exposures.

> Risk Management Information Systems (RMIS)