Uninsured & Uninsurable Losses

We know that businesses frequently misunderstand certain areas of risk, often leaving them uncovered.  At Gallagher, we help you understand all your potential risks, both known and unknown. With our vast network of coverage area experts, we provide your organization with actionable advice to help you make informed decisions, develop creative solutions and manage your non-traditional risk.

Coping with the Ever-Changing Complexion of Risk

Cyber risk is an increasing issue and many of these risks are not covered on existing policies.  Gallagher’s Cyber Liability team has the expertise to help ensure your data doors are locked and provide tailored solutions in the event of a breach.

> Are you Exposed to Cyber Risk?

Trade Credit

Gallagher’s Trade Credit & Political Risk team has the expertise to help you navigate this continuously evolving market.

> Trade Credit and Political Risk Insurance

Enterprise Resilience Consulting
Gallagher’s Enterprise Resilience Consulting practice helps companies develop and deploy comprehensive, yet pragmatic programs to identify, assess and manage risks that could impact brand, reputation and financial results.

> Is your company crisis-ready?

Multinational Client Services 
Gallagher’s Multinational Client Services team is dedicated to meeting your global business needs and also serves as the conduit to the Gallagher Global Alliance (GGA).

> Multinational Client Practice

Management Liability
Gallagher’s Management Liability team can help you identify potential executive management risks and craft a program to minimize your exposure.

Alternative Risk Solutions
There are many non-traditional solutions for financing your risk.  Gallagher's Alternative Risk team offers numerous alternative risk management solutions to meet the needs of your business. 

Enterprise Risk Management
Gallagher’s approach to Enterprise Risk Management can help you identify, document and assess operational, hazard and strategic risks, and help craft solutions for the complex situations.