What makes our platform different

Gallagher Connect Partners is about proactively collaborating to best serve clients.

  • Enriched Team Dynamic: Clients benefit from our alignment of intrinsic values, especially as they relate to diversity, culture, and inclusion. We bring fresh perspectives, specializations, and a collaborative tone to the client-service approach. A diverse team enables us to better understand our client’s business and mission.
  • Innovative Solutions: More creative solutions for clients because of our diverse partners and their specializations.

We focus on working alongside you and proactively collaborating with you. Our platform provides distinctive opportunities for Partners to:

  • Engage in a mutually responsible partnership when servicing accounts with Gallagher
  • Secure greater access to, and gain more appointments with, insurance carriers, even when working independently
  • Experience best practices for Gallagher Connect Partners across the division
  • Employ specializations- industry, coverage, and expertise (even outside the insurance brokerage)
  • Access to customized program benefits when partnering with a Gallagher team AND when pursuing opportunities independently
  • Expand capacity to grow your business by attending our annual onsite meeting and attending other educational opportunities throughout the year

Gallagher Connect Partners is born out of our shared value system and ethical tradition, which compel us to work in genuine partnership with others. We believe strongly in connecting with partners who believe in doing what is best for the client.

For more information, contact us at ggb.gallagherconnectpartners@ajg.com