Our Team

Gallagher Connect Partners’ Leadership team

Rodney joined Gallagher in 2015 as an Area Vice President responsible for generating new business development and assisting Public Entity and Construction clients with their risk management and insurance needs. In 2017, he was promoted to Divisional Vice President of Culture and Inclusion for the Gallagher Global Brokerage US division working to implement Gallagher Connect Partners and to assist with enterprise-wide culture and inclusion strategies. He supports the growth and success of minority and woman-owned businesses by increasing their access to insurance markets and innovative solutions.

Larry brings industry experience and a passion for diverse and proactive partnerships to his Culture & Inclusion role with Gallagher Global Brokerage US. He serves as the Divisional Assistant Vice President for C&I and is responsible for managing Gallagher Connect Partners. As a leader in Gallagher Connect Partners, he is dedicated to establishing meaningful and deliberate diverse relationships to increase business opportunities.