Media/Pro Producer Liability Application

To complete this application, please submit:

  • Experience résumés of the Producer and Executive Producer for each production (if less than three years experience)
  • A standard contract with authors, distributors, etc.
  • Video/DVD copy of production or copy of script if motion picture for theatrical release; if docu-drama, please provide an annotated script
  • Copyright Report & Script Clearance Report if motion picture for theatrical release
  • Title Search and Report, if Title Coverage is desired
  • Top sheet of budget for production(s)
  • Description of the procedure for checking accuracy, infringements, etc.
  • Description of the procedure for processing unsolicited ideas, scripts, screenplays, etc.
  • Completed, signed and dated Film & Entertainment Reality Television Supplement, if production is reality
  • Completed, signed and dated Media/Cyber Liability Supplement if Internet coverage is desired

Submission of a completed application incurs no obligation to purchase or bind insurance.

NOTE:  All questions must be answered.  All requested attachments must accompany the application.