IndyCar Post Race Results

Race details:

The Verizon IndyCar Series held the RainGuard Water Sealers 600 tonight at Texas Motor Speedway.

RainGuard Water Sealers 600 Race Results
P1 No. 12 Power, Chevrolet 
P2 No. 10 NTT DATA Honda (Kanaan)
P3           No. 1 Pagenaud, Chevrolet
P8 No. 8 Gallagher Honda (Chilton)
P9 No. 9 NTT DATA Honda (Dixon)
P21 No. 83 Tresiba® Honda (Kimball)

Details of the Day

  • Kanaan’s second-place finish is his highest finish of the season.
  • Scott Dixon leaves Texas with a +13 point advantage over second place in the points championship.
  • Dixon was taken out in the final laps of the race while contending for the win when the No. 26 car went into the grass, lost control and collected the No. 9 car.
  • Kimball and the 83 car retired from the race on Lap 43 after a mechanical issue was discovered during a pit stop.
  • Today’s race marked the first 1-2 weekend sweep of qualifying in 2017 for CGR.

Tony Kanaan, No. 10 NTT DATA Honda: “It was a tough night, just very intense from the first to the last lap. I’m going to apologize to Hinch for what happened – I just got up a little too high. We paid the price for my mistake. We got a penalty, paid the penalty, and we were able to finish second. I’m proud of the team for sticking with me and fighting our way back up front. It was just an intense race. A lot of things happened and you had to avoid a lot of things to finish. I’m not going to lie, I’m glad it’s over.”

Max Chilton, No. 8 Gallagher Honda: “That was a wild ride in Texas. I was hanging on for 200 laps, then the car started to come to me. Luckily half the field was taken out and it was easy to get into the mix because of attrition. With 20 to go we were competitive. Unfortunately with the incident I collected Dixon in the aftermath of that accident and that ended it for the Gallagher car.”

Charlie Kimball, No. 83 Tresiba® Honda: "I'm obviously gutted for the Novo Nordisk Chip Ganassi Racing guys. We had such a good day yesterday winning the pole and we had a lot of momentum heading into today's race. The No. 83 Tresiba Honda was really fast and I believe we had a good chance to win tonight, which makes it even more frustrating that a mechanical failure ended our day. The guys did everything they could to get the 83 back out on-track, but it just wasn't in the cards for us. This one really hurts. I'm glad we have a weekend to regroup and get our heads back in the game for Road America."

The Verizon IndyCar Series held Race 2 of 2 today for the Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix at Belle Isle.

Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix Race 2 Results
P1 No. 15 Rahal, Honda
P2 No. 2 Newgarden, Chevrolet 
P3           No. 12 Power, Chevrolet
P6 No. 9 Camping World Honda (Dixon)
P8 No. 83 Tresiba® Honda (Kimball)
P10 No. 10 NTT DATA Honda (Kanaan)
P15 No. 8 Gallagher Honda (Chilton)


Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix Qualifying 2 Results
P1 No. 26 Sato, Honda – 1:13.673
P2 No. 28 Hunter-Reay, Honda – 1:15.283
P3           No. 15 Rahal, Honda – 1:13.810
P8 No. 9 Camping World Honda (Dixon) – 1:16.172
P12 No. 83 Tresiba® Honda (Kimball) – 1:16.180
P15 No. 10 NTT DATA Honda (Kanaan) – 1:14.328
P16 No. 8 Gallagher Honda (Chilton) – 1:16.515

Details of the Day

  • All four cars finished higher than their starting position for a total of 12 gained positions.
  • Scott Dixon extended his championship points lead from +2 to +8.
  • The No.9 car had a fueling issue during a pit stop that cost them additional time on pit lane.
  • The No. 10 car received a drive-through penalty on Lap 51 for hitting pit equipment that resulted in two lost positions.

Scott Dixon, No. 9 Camping World Honda: “The problem on the pit stop really hurt us today. I think there was a problem with the fuel probe and normally we’re really good in that area. That issue just cost us some crucial time and we tried to play catch up after that. I think Newgarden finished second and we were ahead of him before that. It was unfortunate how it played out, but all in all a decent points today considering.”

Charlie Kimball, No. 83 Tresiba® Honda: “The timing stand made the right call with the two-stop strategy. It meant I had to save quite a bit of fuel at times, but we were still able to run a pretty good pace and get a pretty good fuel mileage number. Overall I’m happy with the day. We didn’t have any good luck or any help, but we didn’t have any bad luck either. The way this year has gone, we’ll definitely take that. We’ll take a top-10 and pick up a little momentum heading to Texas looking for a podium, if not a win next weekend.”

Tony Kanaan, No. 10 NTT DATA Honda: "Another tough day for NTT DATA Chip Ganassi Racing - really just a tough weekend overall here in Detroit. We struggled both days in qualifying and just couldn't ever get back up to the front in either race. We had an issue in the pits today that cost us a few spots with a drive-through penalty, but after a 15-place finish yesterday, we'll take a top-10. It's still nowhere close to where we need to be, but I’m always happy when we head into a race at a place like Texas where I know how strong we can be."

Max Chilton, No. 8 Gallagher Honda: “We just didn’t have the speed today and we were really struggling most of the day with balance. We were quicker than most of the cars in front, but we just couldn’t get past them. I feel like I did the best that I could. It’s time to move onto Texas and keep working hard for the results I know the Gallagher team is capable of.”

The Verizon IndyCar Series held the Indianapolis 500 today at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. 

Indianapolis 500 Race Results
P1 No. 26 Sato, Honda
P2 No. 3 Castroneves, Chevrolet 
P3           No. 19 Jones, Honda
P4 No. 8 Gallagher Honda (Chilton)
P5 No. 10 NTT DATA Honda (Kanaan)
P25 No. 83 Tresiba® Honda (Kimball)
P32 No. 9 Camping World Honda (Dixon)


  • After winning the pole and leading the race early, Scott Dixon was collected in a Lap 52 incident after the No. 77, who was several laps down, hit the wall and veered in front of him. Dixon was checked, cleared and released from the medical center.
  • On Lap 84 Max Chilton chose an alternate strategy and led the first laps of his Indianapolis 500 career.
  • Chilton went on to lead a race-high 50 laps and en route to a career-best finish of fourth.
  • On Lap 167 the No. 83 car had a mechanical failure and retired from the race.
  • The No. 10 car ran over debris that affected the underwing for a large portion of the race.
  • All four CGR cars led laps in today’s race.

Max Chilton, No. 8 Gallagher Honda: “The Gallagher Honda was struggling a lot early in the race and we even went a lap down. But we kept our heads down, kept going and got a break. I don’t think anyone has ever won this race without a little bit of luck. When we did end up getting out front, the car was really quick, and you can see why this place is so special and so electric in that moment. I held Sato off with everything I had, but when the cars gang up behind you they get a massive run and you can only do so much as the leader. As soon as they got past I wasn’t as confident in the dirty air. So to come from a lap down to lead and have a chance to win here at Indy is a massive accomplishment for the whole team.”

Tony Kanaan, No. 10 NTT DATA Honda: “It was a survival race as you can see. A lot of cars were either involved in a crash or had a mechanical failure. I knew it was going to be a shootout in the end. That’s really all we had in the No. 10 NTT DATA Honda. I actually ran over debris at some point during the race and the underwing of the car was broken, so I knew toward the end that I didn’t have as good of a car as I did at the beginning of the race. I have to say though that I love to see first-time winners here at the Indianapolis 500 and this guy was huge in Japan already so I can’t even imagine now.”

Charlie Kimball, No. 83 Tresiba® Honda: “I’m really disappointed honestly – these guys deserved more than that. It’s just hard to take when you have a mechanical failure like that so close to the end. We were coming in that lap for our last stop of the day and I knew the Novo Nordisk Chip Ganassi Racing guys were going to crush it in pit lane and then we just had to go out and race for the front. The timing stand called a strategy the last quarter of the race that gave us a chance to win. We’d gone through some big struggles earlier in the race and the car wasn’t particularly good, but we got up front and she went like a rabbit. I’m just frustrated. This race means so much to all of us, but at the same time we’re just going to have to dig deep and find a whole other level for Detroit. There are just as many points available next weekend as there were this weekend. We’ll go out there and try to get the No. 83 Tresiba® Honda.”

Scott Dixon, No. 9 Camping World Honda: “I just got a little beaten up there. It was a bit of a rough ride. I’m bummed for the team and for Camping World. We got a little loose on the first stint. We were a bit light on downforce. I’m just bummed for them and glad everyone is OK. It was definitely a wild ride. Thank you for Dallara and the safety of these cars. It’s tough. I was hoping Jay [Howard] would stay against the wall. I’d already picked a way to go and there was nowhere else to go. I’m glad he’s OK too. It makes you believe in the safety of these cars and the progress they’ve made.”

The Verizon IndyCar Series held the INDYCAR Grand Prix May 13 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

INDYCAR Grand Prix Results 
P1 No. 1 Power, Chevrolet 
P2 No. 9 NTT DATA Honda (Dixon)
P3           No. 28 Hunter-Reay, Honda
P7 No. 8 Gallagher Honda (Chilton)
P20 No. 10 NTT DATA Honda (Kanaan)
P21 No. 83 Tresiba® Honda (Kimball)

Details of the Day

  • Dixon got the jump at the start and moved from fourth to third, and finished as the top Honda-powered car in second.
  • In the first five races this season Dixon has finished 3-4-2-5-2.
  • With the results, Dixon moves from -18 to –10 to the point’s leader.
  • Chilton moved up from his 14th qualifying spot to finish seventh – his best result of the season which also tied his career-best finish.
  • The 10 car was involved in an incident with the No. 27 car on Lap 1 in Turn 7 that resulted in a punctured tire that required Kanaan to come in for an unscheduled stop. The No. 27 was issued a drive-through penalty for avoidable contact after the incident.
  • The 83 had a mechanical issues on Lap 32 and Kimball retired early from the race.
  • The 10 car came in again for an unscheduled stop on Lap 59 for new tires after a slow leak was discovered.

Scott Dixon, No. 9 NTT DATA Honda: “It was definitely a tough day. We couldn’t really hold onto the rear tires. The Honda just had too much power there. We were spinning the rear tires. Good points there for everybody on the NTT DATA car. Great day for Honda. Obviously, not a win but very close. Looking forward to Monday and getting on the big track here.”

Max Chilton, No. 8 Gallagher Honda: “It was just a really, really good day for myself and the Gallagher team. It was by far the best race I’ve had in the Verizon IndyCar Series. The team did a good job and we made a call to start on primary tires and I knew within five or six laps it would pay off for us. On the second stint it just started playing into our hand, and having no yellows furthered our strategy. Moving forward seven positions in the race was mega, and without any off strategies playing out, we got there on straight speed. This is a great start to May and hope we can do even better in the 500.”

Tony Kanaan, No. 10 NTT DATA Honda: "Today definitely wasn't our day. We had issues from the first lap when Marco spun us and punctured my tire all the way to later in the race when one of my front tires started going down. Those extra stops just put us back too far and with no yellows there was no way we were going to make up those few laps we were already down. It’s not a great way to start the month, but we’ve all seen what Honda can do here so I’m looking forward to getting back on the oval on Monday.”

Charlie Kimball, No. 83 Tresiba® Honda: "We had a really good start of the race and we spent the first 10 laps making up spots from P19 to P14. I made a little bit of a mistake that put us back some and then we had a mechanical failure around lap 30 that ended our day. I feel bad for the Novo Nordisk Chip Ganassi Racing guys because they gave me a car today that could get the job done and they were great in pit lane. We'll look into it tonight and see exactly what we have going on with the No. 83 Tresiba Honda. It's a really unfortunate way to end a weekend that I've had such solid results in the past, but now we will just need to shift our focus to the Indianapolis 500."

The Verizon IndyCar Series held the Desert Diamond West Valley Phoenix Grand Prix today at Phoenix International Raceway.

Desert Diamond West Valley Phoenix Grand Prix Results
P1 No. 1 Pagenaud, Chevrolet 
P2 No. 12 Power, Chevrolet 
P3           No. 2 Hildebrand, Chevrolet
P5 No. 9 NTT DATA Honda (Dixon)
P6 No. 10 NTT DATA Honda (Kanaan)
P8 No. 83 Tresiba® Honda (Kimball)
P20 No. 8 Gallagher Honda (Chilton) 

Details of the Day

  • Dixon was the highest placing Honda-powered car in fifth.
  • With his 211th consecutive INDYCAR start today, Dixon tied former CGR driver Jimmy Vasser for second on the all-time list (Kanaan ranks first with 269).
  • Chilton was collected in a Lap 1 incident where cars were spinning out in front of him.
  • Kanaan was the fastest Honda-powered car in qualifying.

Scott Dixon, No. 9 NTT DATA Honda: “Obviously it was a tough night for the No. 9 NTT DATA car, and all the Honda entries I think. Chevy had a leg up on us here and they showed that tonight. We tried to keep our nose clean but just didn’t have anything for them tonight. Hopefully we can get some momentum back at the Grand Prix of Indy next month.”

Tony Kanaan, No. 10 NTT DATA Honda: “We knew coming into this weekend that it was going to be a difficult one for us. Eric (Cowdin) gave me a stellar car, but we just couldn’t get it done. We have good cars heading into next month, so we’ll just refocus on the month of May and hopefully get the results we’ve been waiting for.”

Charlie Kimball, No. 83 Tresiba® Honda: "Three Chip Ganassi Racing cars in the top-10 is a solid day. We knew coming in after the open test in February that we'd have some challenges for the race weekend. But overall the Honda engine ran great, and we were able to get good mileage when we needed to. It was an interesting race with the way it developed with the long yellow at the start and then the yellow in the middle. I lost a spot or two at that second restart; the tires weren't quite there. Overall I'm really proud of the way the Novo Nordisk Chip Ganassi Racing crew rallied this week. We had a few challenges coming into the weekend and we knew dealing with the weather conditions would be tough, especially with just the one practice session. We had great stops by the team in pit lane and really nice calls from the timing stand. I'm happy with the eight place result tonight. We'll take those points and move on to the month of May in Indy."

Max Chilton, No. 8 Gallagher Honda: “There was just nowhere to go really. I was sort of tensing because I knew four-wide on the start on a short oval wasn't good. It was just one of those things. I hate going out on lap one but I just spun to avoid the accident and got collected. Hopefully we can get a better result with the Gallagher car in Indy next month.”

The Verizon IndyCar Series held the Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama today at Barber Motorsports Park.

Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama Results
P1 No. 2 Newgarden, Chevrolet
P2 No. 9 NTT DATA Honda (Dixon)
P3           No. 1 Pagenaud, Chevrolet
P7 No. 10 NTT DATA Honda (Kanaan)
P12 No. 8 Gallagher Honda (Chilton)
P15 No. 83 Tresiba® Honda (Kimball)

Details of the Day

  • With the runner-up finish, Dixon now takes over second in points, -6 to the leader.
  • Kimball led his first laps of the season with 11 during the 90-lap race.

Scott Dixon, No. 9 NTT DATA Honda: “What a great race here at Barber. Another second-place finish for the 9 car. I think that's our fifth runner-up here. One of these days we're going to win here. We had a great NTT DATA car and we were right up in the mix for the win at the end. We just didn't have enough there, but all in all a good points day for the team."

Tony Kanaan, No. 10 NTT DATA Honda: “We’re moving in the right direction for sure. I think it goes without saying that I want to finish a lot higher than seventh, but I’ll take a top-10 after the way this season has started. We had a pretty clean race and our stops were good, we just couldn’t get up with the lead pack. I have a good track record at Phoenix, so hopefully we can come away with a good result next weekend.”

Max Chilton, No. 8 Gallagher Honda: “It was a very up and down day, actually kind of an up and down weekend. We didn’t start the weekend all that great, but then we qualified well. We were pretty quick in the morning warm-up in the wet and in the race we had one of the best race paces, we just lost positions where it really counted on the start and restarts. It’s just frustrating because we have really good speed out there, we just can’t get the luck we need and put it all together.”

Charlie Kimball, No. 83 Tresiba® Honda: “Overall we tried an alternate strategy and I don’t know if it gained us many spots, but it was worth the effort for sure. I think without the length of that last yellow, we definitely had the speed in the 83 car to go forward and pass some of those guys who were trying to save fuel. It’s too bad we didn’t have a dry warm-up this morning, because we could’ve validated some of the changes we made overnight. We obviously found a lot of speed compared to qualifying yesterday – I think my fast lap was well within the top 10 today. The pit stops were great – we definitely made up ground there. I’m proud of the guys’ efforts getting through these first few races with me. We have some momentum now heading into the Phoenix and then hopefully that will get even stronger heading into the month of May.”

Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach Results 
P1 No. 5 Hinchcliffe, Honda
P2 No. 18 Bourdais, Honda 
P3           No. 2 Newgarden, Chevrolet
P4 No. 9 NTT DATA Honda (Dixon)
P14 No. 8 Gallagher Honda (Chilton)
P15 No. 10 NTT DATA Honda (Kanaan)
P21 No. 83 Tresiba® Honda (Kimball)

Details of the Day

  • Dixon got the jump at the start, took the lead and went on to lead a race-high 32 laps.
  • The 83 was in an incident on the first lap of the race that forced the team to retire early.
  • The 10 car made contact on the first lap of the race and had to come in for a front wing change.
  • In the final stages of the race, the 10 car made contact with the 7 car and cut a tire.

Scott Dixon, No. 9 NTT DATA Honda: “We got a great start in the NTT DATA car and were just cruising along there making good fuel mileage. We came in to pit shortly after and that ended up shuffling things up a bit on strategy. But the car was great and the team worked really hard. It was pretty hard to pass at the end, which is typical for street races as we all know. So fourth was how it played out. We’ve qualified very well the first two races so hopefully we can convert that into a win really soon.”

Max Chilton, No. 8 Gallagher Honda: “It was a long day. We went pretty erratic with the set up. We have been struggling as a car team not overall just the No. 8 car, so we went to a different set up and didn’t like it so it was a long afternoon. At that point you just need to be able to race. I think I did alright but I didn’t move forward. It was the first weekend we have had in quite a while now where we haven’t been improving. We will look into what is going on and see if we can get better for the Barber race.”

Tony Kanaan, No. 10 NTT DATA Honda: “This was a rough weekend for the No.10 NTT Data Honda. We had some contact on the first lap and had to come in for a new front wing and later in the race we made contact and had a cut left rear that we had to come in and change unexpectedly. We were just never able to get back up with the front runners.”

Charlie Kimball, No. 83 Tresiba® Honda: “To say I am frustrated with how today’s race went is an understatement. I thought I was clear of the 12 but I obviously wasn’t. He turned me and put me in the wall pretty heavy. I am really disappointed for the guys – they worked so hard to get the car to a good place for today’s race. The No. 83 Tresiba Honda was fast and I thought we had a lot of potential for a solid result in today’s race.”

Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg Results 
P1 No. 18 Bourdais, Honda  
P2 No. 1 Pagenaud, Chevrolet 
P3           No. 9 GE LED Lighting Honda (Dixon) 
P12  No. 10 NTT DATA Honda (Kanaan) 
P16 No. 8 Gallagher Honda (Chilton) 
P18 No. 83 Tresiba® Honda (Kimball) 

Max Chilton, No. 8 Gallagher Honda:
“It was a frustrating day today with the Gallagher team. We had a good car and we had good pace all weekend. The Honda program seems to be coming along nicely which is encouraging. I think we just need to go back and really look at our race, how it unfolded and see what we can do better on next time. 16th is not where we want to be especially when we had a car that should have qualified in the Fast 6.”