Grow Your Career at Gallagher Select

At Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., we know that our small commercial clients have much different needs than our larger risk management clients. They need a fast, reliable and accurate response to service requests that is unique for clients of this size.

With that in mind, Gallagher Select was born – with a focus on building out custom solutions geared toward our smaller clients, including the creation of a service model designed to support the special needs of their small businesses. Today, we have over 32,000 clients who are part of our Gallagher Select Business Centers (GSBCs), who are serviced within 15 locations across the United States. At Gallagher Select, our goal is to deliver a customized service model that maximizes the experience for clients with these unique needs.

What Makes Gallagher Select Unique?

At Gallagher Select, our work is unique because employees get the opportunity to work with a variety of clients across many business backgrounds.

“We differentiate ourselves within Arthur J. Gallagher, and our competition, by being small business experts,” says Ben Lemann, National Client Service Leader at Gallagher Select.

Our employees learn about every kind of client we have. Gallagher Select employees receive more experience and responsibility because of this unique structure.

We actively seek candidates outside of the insurance field. We seek talent that brings diversity of thought and growth to our ever-changing division. Our people are vibrant, creative, and always willing to think differently to provide our clients with the best solutions.

Take an inside look from our employees and see what it’s like to work at Gallagher Select:


If you enjoy working in a results-oriented, relationship-building selling environment, view Gallagher Select’s job openings, with new opportunities available nationwide.