Cigna Global Health Benefits® is a premier health services provider for the global employer. Cigna delivers an expansive array of seamless global benefit solutions to meet the rapidly evolving needs of organizations with a globally positioned workforce. Dedicated to helping people improve their health, well-being and sense of security, Cigna is leader in providing easy, affordable access to quality health care around the world.

With an unmatched 50 years of global health benefits experience, Cigna's rich expertise and global resources are a testament to why the world’s top employers trust us to deliver quality solutions for their employees and families. Cigna continues to invest in innovation that helps global employers with resources and programs that keep workers well and productive.

Cigna is poised to offer customizable, locally relevant and compliant solutions to support employees working and living in more than 200 countries and jurisdictions. And, with access to Cigna's global health care professional network of more than 1.5 million, employees and their families are able to get the quality care they need, wherever an assignment takes them.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield Global® solutions from GeoBlue are designed to simplify the international healthcare experience. For the past 20 years, we’ve helped the globally mobile navigate the complexities of international healthcare, providing members with confidence and peace of mind. Our solutions and industry-leading digital services provide top-quality coverage to people who live, work, study and travel internationally. We deliver borderless access to quality healthcare coupled with high-tech, high-touch service – all to help members feel more secure about their health. At home, across the nation, and around the world, you can always count on the power and reach of Blue.

For more information, visit about.geo-blue.com or contact corporatesales@geo-blue.com.


Quality, affordability and service is a must for any business yet this is not always easy to find in healthcare, much less when dealing with serious medical conditions. As medicine advances at an unrecognisable pace and a growing acceptance that we are unlikely to find the best options on our doorstep creates an unmet demand for turnkey insurance plans that can navigate, concierge and pay for treatment of serious medical conditions wherever in the world that may be.

Further and its founding team of seasoned insurance and medical services executives has successfully created the first of its kind turnkey solution for employers.

For more information, visit www.wegofurther.com

UnitedHealthcare Global Insurance, Global Assistance and Risk

UnitedHealthcare Global offers multinational companies expatriate and business travel insurance and services from a single provider. Designed for business and built for individuals, our comprehensive programs are designed to optimize international workforce’s well-being while supporting high levels of success. For more details visit www.uhcglobal.com or www.uhcsafetrip.com.


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