Frequently Asked Questions about Impac

Because of the unique program structure and collaborative approach, potential members, corporate partners and providers have frequently asked about some of the unique facets of Impac. Below are some of the most common questions we've heard.

An alliance of risk management and insurance corporate partners came together to help address a critical issue for growing evangelical and multi-site mega churches across the U.S. With a different approach to accessing and building a new type of member congregation and engaging some potential non-traditional mindsets in the midst, there had to be a unique vision for managing their risk exposure. An “off-the-shelf” church writer or many other carrier solutions did not fit the new age of ministry reflected in these churches’ strategic plans and annual reports.

Members of Gallagher’s Religious & Nonprofit practice collaborated with other corporate partners (and their religious centers of excellence resources) along with some of these mega churches that shared a common belief that a new paradigm of service was required. Mindful of the complex world of insurance, ministry protection and mega-churches, we quickly became aware that identifying like-minded service providers in the pursuit of a more holistic set of services and solutions was the more effective approach to launch our program.

In 2008, Impac was established as an out-of-the-box alternative to provide for an innovative, multi-pastoral risk management network and protection program for these new churches. Given our coast-to-coast members, alliance partners and ongoing collaborative brainstorming efforts (in person and remote), Impac offers a holistic program framework with comprehensive coverages, policy consolidation and value-added services. Our partners include experts in areas such as crisis management, international mission work, background screening for volunteers, child protection programs and more.

As we look back at our initial insurance and risk management audits that we completed on our early adoptors of the program, several issues came to the forefront. Gaps in coverage was the biggest obstacle. We also found inadequate policy wording, unacceptable limits and a need to bring peer alignment in as a benchmarking exercise. We wanted to ensure the program kept pace with the speed of the activities of evangelical organizations that provide ministry. We also wanted to implement appropriate protective measures to enable evangelical organizations to reach their full redemptive potential.

Through affiliation with the Impac program, the local church has access to the following opportunities:

  • Ministry Dynamics: Focused discussions with the Impac program team
  • National Networking with a quarterly webinar of chief financial officers and executive pastors as well as our alliance partners
  • Leadership: Participation in the Global Leadership Summit in concert with the Impac Program Leadership Forum each year in August
  • Resources: Access to the program alliance partners services (crisis management, international missions, background and MVR checks, child protection resources, property assessments, strategic planning) 

It's a relatively simple two-part process - through connection and education. We encourage you to request an online webinar for your church. We will customize a presentation that will help you think through both the intellectual and critical information about your church and its protection measures. We will study your operations virtually, ask a few questions and then showcase our Impac formula to help you create a more successful program.

The rest of the effort is in step two - establishing a mutual understanding and collaborating so that we can provide insightful reporting on our audit of your insurance and risk management initiatives and plan. This high-level dashboard reporting - combined with a technical line-by-line coverage analysis - is important to assessing how Impac might provide value in to your program refinements.

It was designed that way to create a holistic and qualitative approach to this program and its results.

It is our goal to create a mechanism to unite like-minded evangelical churches nationwide with a common goal and focus relative to ministerial protection under a holistic insurance and risk management program. And also understand that it's a program created based upon an understanding of similar faith-based organizations' challenges, risk exposures and solutions. 

Primarily, our members have been very proactive with one another because they want to understand how their peers have addressed many of today's issues. One of the methods has been through an online mechanism we provide members called Insight, as well as through our quarterly conference call and our annual Impac Forum meeting.