What is the Impac Program?


Years ago, the Gallagher Religious & Nonprofit practice co-created Impac, a customized insurance and risk management program for growing evangelical and multi-site mega churches across the U.S. It is a national program with a coast-to-coast network of faith-based organization members and corporate partners. Impac offers a holistic program framework with comprehensive coverages, policy consolidation and value-added services that are provided through a network of alliance partners. Our partners include experts in areas such as crisis management, international mission work, background screening for volunteers and child protection programs. 

Our Mission at Impac: To engage Acts 2 churches and mega ministries in a holistic customized risk and crisis management program that will enable ministries to fulfill their missions.

The Impac Leadership Team

  • Peter A. Persuitti: Managing Director, Religious & Nonprofit Practice; Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. and Director of Ministry Services; The Impac Program
  • Miles Shepp: Area Senior Vice President; Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. and Director of Ministry Services; The Impac Program

Impac Forum 2016 Agenda (PDF)


We use this phrase to reflect the fact that this program is not built in isolation and is continually evolving while reflective of the volatility in today’s world. Impac is a partnership between the ministries themselves and specialized service providers who provide additional expertise and insight to help them. With ongoing networking connections through webinars, program communications and an annual leadership forum each August, we maintain the dynamics of connecting resources to program members and fine-tuning the emphasis of comprehensive, seamless coverages and innovation in risk management.

Our collective goal is to assist member ministries in confronting the challenges they face each day and through their global mission work. We encourage you to reach out to Impac members tp better understamd how we engage members in program development, continue to refine the program, and sharpen one another through our collaboration.

The Impac annual meeting precedes the premiere leadership summit hosted by one of Impac’s founding members, Willow Creek, through the Global Leadership Summit. We are excited by this innovative combination of resources, dynamic energy and passion of service provider partners. Our goals is to reduce the total cost of risk and find solutions for insurance and risk management that better suit the many faith-based organizations accessing this program.

>2015 Impac Forum Agenda (PDF)

"We feel extremely blessed given how the Impac Program has enabled the very heart of our ministries to further His Kingdom, bringing a greater sense of security and confidence to both our congregation and church leaders."

--Brian McAuliffe
Risk Manager
Willow Creek Community Church