Aviation insurance service should mean more than a once-a-year check and a policy mailed to you. At Gallagher, it means staying at the forefront of aircraft insurance industry trends and serving as your tireless advocate for your aircraft, your safety and your passion to fly.

Aviation insurance is all our team does, all the time, with great service and the rates and attention from underwriters you demand. With best in class service and value, Gallagher’s leadership in light aircraft aviation insurance includes:

  • Decades-long relationships with every major underwriter to negotiate the best coverage.
  • An industry-leading in-house claims advisor to advocate for you.
  • Leadership in safety programs and recurrent training issues.
  • Vital support to owners’ groups to improve their standing with carriers.

We’ve made the process of insuring your bird easier than ever. Begin your quote or call us at 877-475-5860

The full spectrum of aviation insurance services

For every make and model that you fly, we seek out the best coverage and the best rates possible. We provide the coverage you need beyond your aircraft as well, from builders risk insurance for your homebuilt aircraft to hangar insurance.

  • Piston/turbine aircraft Insurance
  • Homebuilt aircraft insurance
  • Light sport aircraft insurance
  • Experimental aircraft insurance
  • Amphibious aircraft insurance
  • Non-owned aircraft insurance
  • CFI insurance
  • Hangar insurance 
  • Drone/UAV insurance