Why Gallagher?

If you fly it, we insure it.

We have almost four decades of expertise of insuring every aircraft in the marketplace, from a plane you built in your garage to the jets you dream about.  Our aviation insurance professionals are considered experts in issues that matter to you. From airframe liability to recurring training, both manufacturers and underwriters seek our counsel. That expertise translates to better service, stronger relationships and competitive rates for you.

Active general aviation support

You will find us on site at every major aviation industry event—from Sun ‘n Fun to Oshkosh. If we’re not meeting clients, we’re contributing our expertise as speakers or moderators. Just a few of the groups where we’re active:

Underwriter relationships

Our long relationships with aviation insurance underwriters allow us to be a powerful advocate for you. The underwriters value our insights into the aviation industry. We can negotiate equally with every underwriter, maintaining strong, unbiased relationships  to get you the best light aircraft insurance coverage at the best price.

Personal service by people who get to know you

We attend the events that are important to you and take time to meet you. We dislike automated phone systems as much as you, so we personally answer when you call. Our aircraft insurance specialists pick up the phone from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST every weekday. Try us: 877-475-5860

In-house claim advisor

Only Gallagher gives light aircraft insurance clients access to our own in-house claims and safety advisor. When you need your aviation insurance the most, we’re there to advocate for you.