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Unmatched Moving and Storage Expertise

The Moving and Storage Industry Is Unique And Requires Insurance Professionals That Understand Your Business.

Gallagher’s Moving and Storage Practice Group has extensive knowledge and expertise in every aspect of your business. As your Risk Management partner, our goal is to create the most comprehensive and cost-effective program to fit your needs. The Moving & Storage team will provide you with the highest level of market access and customer service in the industry.

Tailored Solutions to Fit Your Needs

Your Risk Management program is crucial to your success and profitability, which is why you need a partner with specialized Moving and Storage insurance knowledge. Our Moving and Storage Team provides our clients with leverage in the national and global markets, allowing you to protect your organization’s assets on a cost-effective basis.

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Selecting The Right Broker Leads To Great Results

Success Story: Employment Practice Liability
Coverage was denied by a leading carrier in an EPL case due to interpretation that a workers compensation hearing was a “prior administrative proceeding” and thus the claim was initially denied. Gallagher disagreed. We located the author of the policy (a senior officer at the carrier) who supported our position on the intent of the policy – and called the claims adjuster. The carrier paid the claim.

  • Achieved a $1,833,611 reduction in total incurred (@ 24 months) within the first year of taking over the program
  • GB achieved over $1.3 million in net managed care savings, resulting in an ROI of $26
  • The client’s overall lag time was reduced by over 14% after moving to GB
  • GB decreased the open takeover claim inventory by 43% within 12 months
  • GB was able to increase the closure rate by 16% @ 24 months
  • We continue to provide access to and ongoing training of our industry leading RMIS tool, Luminos


Success Story: Claims Management/Third Party Administrator
A GB Transportation/Distribution client with just over 2,000 domestic employees asked Gallagher Bassett to take over its Workers’ Compensation program to improve program outcomes and efficiencies. This GB client had been with another claims administrator and selected GB to experience improved technology, collaboration and overall outcomes.


Success Story: Claims Management/Third Party Administrator
A longtime transportation client with more than 8,000 vehicles asked Gallagher Bassett to take over its liability program to improve its outcomes. The company had been managing approximately 10,000 GL claims annually in-house. Through Gallagher Bassett’s efforts, we helped the client:

  • Reduce average incurred by 8%
  • Reduce open claim volume by 19% within three years
  • Cut legal expenses by 24% three years after taking over the program
  • Reduce the total annual cost of liability program by $1.2 million


Success Story:  Program Structure/Markets
A logistics client had worked with a broker who claimed to specialize in freight brokers but left the company with coverage deficiencies. After an extensive review of their risk management program, Gallagher negotiated a:

  • 5% decrease in workers compensation rate
  • 27% decrease in cargo rate with 16 coverage improvements
  • 54% decrease in property rate with 27 coverage improvements
  • 17% decrease in general liability rate

After digging deeper into their operations, Gallagher recommended:

  • Revisions in motor carrier vetting programs
  • Certificate checking and claim recovery procedures.

Our client realized broader coverage, decreased pricing and better controls, which helped them better manage their total cost of risk.