Putting the Pieces Back Together: Practical Support When You Need It Most

You and your employees have been through a lot. The unexpected turmoil of a devastating natural disaster has made a significant impact in your community. Your focus, for now, is likely on physically picking up the pieces that are left behind and making sure that your employees are supported adequately. As time passes, your focus will turn to how you move forward. Helping your employees repair their lives – physically, emotionally and financially – now and in the future is critical. It’s how they’ll return to the healthy, engaged and productive workforce that made your organization prosperous and will sustain employees and the organization into the future.

Gallagher is here to help you on this journey. Reach out to your Gallagher consultant today for additional resources and support to ensure your employees and your organization emerge from the storm positioned for success.

You may be responsible for executing some portion of your organization’s Crisis Management Plan as well as the organization’s Employee Communication Plan during a disaster. No matter what the formal responsibility, HR leaders will be expected to coordinate the company’s overall response for the health, safety, and wellbeing of their employees.

Gallagher has developed a resource for employers that offers considerations for human resources when working through a crisis management plan and best practices for employee communications and support.

For employers in locations affected by natural disasters, and also employers with employees who have family in the affected areas, there are benefit issues to consider in response to the ongoing disasters. You are expected to act reasonably, prudently and in the interest of your employees, who rely on their benefits for their physical and economic wellbeing.

To assist you in meeting your obligations, our Compliance Team's Directions Newsletter offers guidance on Department of Labor, IRS and other agencies' expectations of impacted employers in:


For your employees, Gallagher has practical, actionable advice will help them think through their current situation and make smart decisions that will empower their recovery and restore their peace of mind. You can share these resources as part of your employee support and communication in the weeks to come.