Employee Benefits & HR

How can your wholesale distribution organization be a place where people love to work and drive success by delivering their personal and professional best every day?

If you want to cultivate a workplace that attracts, retains and engages the right people to drive your productivity and growth, then put Gallagher's holistic approach to benefits and compensation consulting to work for you.

Embrace an approach that aligns your human capital strategy with your business objectives. Gallagher’s team of experts will help you invest wisely in your workforce by developing benefits and HR programs that support a multigenerational workforce, creating a culture that’s focused on organizational health and your employees’ total wellbeing.

Thriving employees can reduce your organizational risk because they cost less in annual benefits spend, take less time off, perform at high levels, and are more productive, driving your organization’s competitiveness and success.



  • From boomers to millennials, offer your employees the healthcare and benefit plans that perform best for them and their families. Explore private exchange and technology platforms that help employees choose and use their benefits.
  • Analyze your healthcare and pharmacy spends, and benchmark against competitors to understand what factors are driving your costs trends. Devise solutions to control costs.
  • Use strategic employee communications to connect with employees on new benefits, policy changes and initiatives to encourage year-round wellbeing and engagement and help drive smarter healthcare choices.


  • Run effective training and development programs that enable strong performers to hone their skills, work more efficiently and lead others to do the same.
  • Conduct pay equity studies so you can structure sustainable, competitive compensation programs to help you retain your best talent.
  • Administer custom engagement surveys to learn what your employees appreciate and what they’d like to see change.
  • Attract the right interim or permanent talent for project work or open Offer a competitive total rewards program that attracts and retains top employees.


  • Help your employees reach retirement readiness by educating and communicating how they can spend intelligently and save for the Support on-time retirement which reduces presenteeism and helps control healthcare claims as older employees leave your workforce.
  • Build confidence in your organization’s long-term sustainability with compliant and socially responsible institutional investment solutions and fiduciary decision-making consulting.
  • Incentivize your executive leadership to strive for excellence and deliver shareholder value, productivity and growth in exchange for equity or other incentives.

All aspects of your HR programs like those noted above and more need to work together to effectively manage the risks associated with your human capital. Risks may come from inside your organization, such as an aging workforce driving up your healthcare costs, or outside your organization, such as complying with regulations in the countries where your employees work. As you strive to become a destination employer, let Gallagher Benefits & HR Consulting deliver holistic solutions to meet your needs.